The Ardent Street Photographer

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I get a little connipted as a good friend of mine puts it when I hear other photographers talk about street photography like it’s an aside to ‘real’ photography.…

Heaven and Earth

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Heaven and earth, Keep me well, For I have not long to spare. ‘Tis fleeting my appearance here, As I cross the wooded bridge.…

Jethro Tull – Man these guys were talented!

This is a killer performance by legendary Prog Rock band Jethro Tull. Absolutely genius musicians and performers the lot of them, and tight as a gnat’s chuff as they say around here. Clive… Continue reading

My Spectacularly Goofy Kids

My kids are a law unto themselves most of the time, very creative, funny, and equally volatile when under the same roof even if that roof is the sky or a canopy of… Continue reading


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Seclusion smells of grapes suffused with loss. Its sweetened undertones seduce post-sunset. Alone’s an acquired taste, like strong cigars. She’s Pinot Noir once fruited, sugared in August with…

Woman – Day 4 – NaPoWriMo 2014 (MPoWriMo)

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Have you seen this woman today? She makes me smile, cry a little, She blows me away. She takes my words And weaves…

Just Like a Movie

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Press Play…

At Dusk…

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My Heart Abides By Your Tides

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My heart abides by your tides… Your rhythms and your strides. Wash over me my beautiful love, And fill me with your pride.