The Daily Flannel – Quality Controller for Flying Carpets Required.

My friend Junk Chuck made a very interesting observation with regards my previous post, in that when discussing concepts such as the kind that a metaphysical standpoint might offer, that it’s like the difference… Continue reading

The Daily Channel – Would you like chips with your potato omelette?

  In the end there is always one thing you can rely on, the ability of the self to re-assess what has seemingly gone before. In the end there seems to be only… Continue reading

Daily Quote – Forgetting

Ellipsis is the key to all good story telling. Without it there is no story to tell. What we don’t know defines us, not the other way around. It is the concept of… Continue reading

The Daily Flannel – Creator of Fiction, Creator of Gods. Pure Poetry.

I am an artist. I am a creator of fictional worlds, of hypothetical instances that float within the imagination of the person experiencing my art, and although I may draw from my own… Continue reading

TDF – Zed’s Dead – The death of the ego.

  Change is inevitable. Change is a death of the old and the birth of the new in every single thought and, breath and, irreparably broken ego. It isn’t the heart that breaks… Continue reading

In Absentia: Ellipsis is the key to all story-telling. (The Hat Rack – Third Edition)

Originally posted on The Hat Rack:
Without absence there is no story to tell, there is no anticipation of discovery, and of potentially expanding the mind and soul beyond the comfortable and recognisable…

The Daily F – Nettles and Plantains

The following is taken from a journal entry back in April of this year. It focusses on the subject of health, not only that of my own, but the concept of health in… Continue reading

Morning Thoughts: Misdirection

Sometimes I have to apply the brake pedal and realise that the reflection I see before me isn’t my own, but of the person standing behind me. That in my intense focus on… Continue reading