My Spectacularly Goofy Kids

My kids are a law unto themselves most of the time, very creative, funny, and equally volatile when under the same roof even if that roof is the sky or a canopy of… Continue reading


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Seclusion smells of grapes suffused with loss. Its sweetened undertones seduce post-sunset. Alone’s an acquired taste, like strong cigars. She’s Pinot Noir once fruited, sugared in August with…

Woman – Day 4 – NaPoWriMo 2014 (MPoWriMo)

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Have you seen this woman today? She makes me smile, cry a little, She blows me away. She takes my words And weaves…

At Dusk…

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My Heart Abides By Your Tides

Originally posted on Roving Bess:
My heart abides by your tides… Your rhythms and your strides. Wash over me my beautiful love, And fill me with your pride.

This is not a typo – MPoWriMo

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My name is a gift Not an arbitrary adjunct to A supposition made by Foreign tongues. Tongues that speak with lyricism and cool; Tongues…

M’s Marvellous Musical Moments – Shooting the Rapids

  Some cool jazz seemed appropriate for this post. The day at the Potomac with Bill was warm, even though there was still snow on the ground, and the air was crisp. I… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Street Life

  These are some of my favourite street life shots from some of my favourite cities in the world. I’m looking forward to travelling again so I can collect some more!   If… Continue reading

Idiot Syndrome

I’m still waiting For the other shoe to drop, The one marked with indelible ink That reads: “Idiot, you should have been wiser.”