Quote for the day – Listen to your instinct

Here is a really valuable lesson that no one will ever learn, but I’m going to put it out there anyway, as learned through my own hard experience: Always go with your gut… Continue reading

Don’t Wait.

Originally posted on Diary of a Person Being Human:
Don’t wait until you are losing someone, To realise that you need to be there for them, In the way that you should always…

The Daily Channel – Seth Quote

Attend to what is directly before you. You have no responsibility to save the world or find the solution to all problems – but to attend to your particular personal corner of the… Continue reading

The Daily Channel – Step Three

There are no good or bad outcomes. Everything I feel, think, and do is of value.

The Daily Channel – Step Two

My mind is not centred within my body. I am free to explore all that I am as fully as I am able at all times, and throughout time.

The Daily Channel – Step One

All that I think and feel is not rooted in the past. The past does not exist. All that exists, exists NOW.

We Don’t Know that We Don’t Know

Originally posted on Just Us:
Not surprisingly, if you know either of us, but Maria and I spend a great deal of time exchanging ideas. In one of her latest blog posts, she…

The Daily Flannel – Does Dark Matter Really Matter?

(BBC, Horizon: Is Everything We Know About the Universe Wrong?) Last night I watched a great comedy show about a bunch of the world’s topmost boffins squirming in their pants at the realisation… Continue reading

The Daily F – Walk the Line

  I’ve nabbed this from a post I wrote some time ago now over on my photography blog, Roving Bess. This is a fitting place for it I think, and as such reflects… Continue reading

The Daily Flannel – Quality Controller for Flying Carpets Required.

My friend Junk Chuck made a very interesting observation with regards my previous post, in that when discussing concepts such as the kind that a metaphysical standpoint might offer, that it’s like the difference… Continue reading