The Hat Rack – Second Edition – Shorts, or no shorts?

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I know I said  that I would be posting an edition of The Hat Rack Magazine weekly, but in my world some weeks last a little longer than…

The Daily Channel – Meeting the Sidiris.

  I channelled this a little while back when the Sidiris, a group entity made themselves known to me one evening. It was a different experience to the one that I had become… Continue reading

The Daily Flannel: Jeromiah’s Rant

Jeromiah is the lead character in the story I am currently writing. He is a man with an unconventional view of the world. Like me he believes that life is not all it… Continue reading

The Daily Flannel: In My Deep House

I am no good before a certain time of the day. It used to be that up until midday any decisions I made were terrible based on the awful mood I’d be in… Continue reading

The Daily Flannel: Time is my relative.

Ok. Just so you all know, for anyone that is remotely interested that is, I have decided to differentiate between my channelled pieces, and my moments of deep pondering, which are slightly more… Continue reading

The Daily Channel: Release – A message from Sidiris

  Do not let fear govern you. Do not let fear take the upper hand. Do not let fear dictate the course of your life. Release fear, and allow it to become something… Continue reading

Eating Monsters for Breakfast

Why don’t I keep my thoughts to myself? After spending a lifetime of feeling as though I’ve done exactly that I have come to the conclusion that I wasn’t put on this world… Continue reading

Welcome to The Hat Rack magazine!

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This is not just another blog on my already long list of blogs, well actually it is, but even better it is a blog finally that highlights…

Daily quote – May 30 2014: Weekly Photo Challenge – Split-second Story

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St. Marc’s Square, or Piazza San Marco in Venice is one of the few places in the world that has centuries of stories to tell. You can stand…