The Daily Channel – Beginnings

Original artwork by Maria-Xosé Phillips
Original artwork by Maria-Xosé Phillips


“As I sit I remember the times that I have been sitting elsewhere, as someone else, with different memories and a story to tell about an adventure. So many smells and colours flood through my senses as I relive times, places, people, connections with a far different world and reality, all that seem distantly familiar but not of my time now. The glow of those memories is strong however, reflecting in my own soul as a candle would upon a window pane, and lighting for a moment something that I once held so dear, and whose effect will now stay with me for an eternity. Things change, yet there are always new beginnings, new ways to perceive the losses that were so prominent in physical life, so vibrant with the possibility that all may not be well. But things do change. As the wind looses the heavens above, and the streets are swept clean by great gusts of inspiration and hope of warmth and sunlight appearing from darkened somber clouds. Life gives recompense for so little of our efforts, our endeavours and achievements, our loves, heros and workers of magic that transform and electrify the very atmosphere about us.

Listen to the rumbles of the distant hooves that thunder up on high as thunder claps and lightning jumps from the ground turning black into vivid electric blue and purple. The thoughts of a nation are indeed thunderous, and instrumental in all our achievements as the people that we deem ourselves to be. The last thought that ever crosses anyone’s mind as they pass from the physical to the spirit is “What have I achieved? What will I leave untended and unfinished?”, the answer to that is not as you would expect. Life goes on, you never stop achieving. You continue to grow in spirit as you did in life. You live, and you live again. Death is a transition that holds no separation. Like stepping onto a bus, you journey elsewhere. You are still within your ‘world’, but there are subtle differences, changes that can only expand upon who you already are and have always been. Life does not end. My perspective is just that. I live as I have always ‘lived’. My soul continues even though the sometimes impossible limitations of the physical no longer restrict my movement or my perception of what is ‘real’ to me. My movements are more fluid and free, though I still remember so much. So much that is me and more. Toast and jam, I miss the crunch and the sweetness that follows, yet I taste it still as I remember it in life. It makes me smile.

Every sigh is a new beginning, every breath is precious and full of joy. My gift to you is my love and deepest admiration.”

By a young woman called Arlena


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