Preliminary Sketch - Original artwork by Maria-Xosé Phillips

The Daily Channel – Personal Power

Preliminary Sketch - Original artwork by Maria-Xosé Phillips
Abstract – Oil pastel on A3 cartridge paper

Personal Power

“The power that you have as an individual is amplified by your participation within the daily interactions of your physical reality. You do not have to strive to ‘fit in’ because you are already integral to the framework of your perceived experience. Without you to perceive as you do, and what you do, then there is no experience at all. Your reality simply cannot exist.”

The above has reminded me of another channelled session I had some years ago which I am including below as part of this blog. It is still very much relevant today as it was then. In this instance I was in contact with a higher energy form who I imagined to be male, though that of course is just from my own point of reference. I doubt higher energy forms have the need to attach themselves to such labels, as we physical beings do! 

The following session is carried out in my own time honoured tradition of  a question and answer format, a method that has proven very insightful for me for the past twenty years (shows my age!). The answers given to me by the higher energy being are in italics:

12:36 – Thursday 11th May 2000

This morning I had intended to sit and continue writing my new book, but by lunchtime I was feeling very frustrated and restless because I had managed to do the complete opposite. Seeking to alleviate my condition  I sat and pondered the nature of energy and what happens when creativity is blocked. The following is what ensued. The dialogue in quotes was my intuition’s response to my questions:

“Natural aggression is a surge of concentrated energy that if channelled is positive and leads to creative expression, but if blocked becomes destructive, though not through mal intent. The neutrality of energy is fundamentally positive, and by its very nature will seek to transform and transcend itself, constantly and consistently. “


This is an interesting point that has baffled me for some time. How is it possible that energy becomes pooled and blocked if by its very nature its flow is ever constant and consistent?

Unless of course it is a natural expression of energy’s cyclical nature.

“Energy is a natural expression of itself, and that is all you need to know.”

But why is it so that within human terms energy can appear to be blocked, which might subsequently lead to frustration and perhaps even to destructive behaviour?

“Because it is only a human term. It is a misunderstanding of a much greater force that courses through all levels of existence carrying its knowledge and presence with it, because that is what it is.

Humanity is a misunderstanding of the highest degree. And it continually seeks to better itself because it has not the notion that it may have already achieved its objective. In human terms it did so millennia ago. If it hadn’t it would not presently exist.

Humans for want of a better analogy are very simple models based on a very complex and intricate system of neural networks that span infinity. It is not surprising then, that from time to time they suffer from ‘overload’.”

I still don’t understand the nature of an energy blockage in human terms; what its purpose is.

“That’s because you are to a very real extent, human. And I’m referring here to your particular focus and conscious awareness.

You have within you the capacity to understand much ‘greater’ things because you are an offspring of that inner knowledge. Do not misunderstand me when I say that your humanness limits you, but it is indeed a very real hinderance to your learning capabilities at times.

Because you are so concentrated and focused within your human form ‘most’ of the time, the blockages and frustrations you experience are much more to do with your inability to translate much vaster information into that form, therefore being interpreted as a blockage of energy.”

But what purpose does it serve to experience such blockages?

“You would be far more relaxed if you stopped trying to comprehend something that you cannot possibly comprehend with reasoning alone, and let your soul take you on its intended journey. That is all.”

Thank you.


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