Let’s not be a blue and white stripe social networking culture.

If you like a post then say why you like it. There is nothing better, as I’m sure your will agree, than being given feedback particularly of the positive kind. It can be a bit of a one way experience as a blogger, even if you know that your content is good, and you are ticking all the other boxes to being widely read. Blogs are predominantly a form of social media and entertainment for many as much as they are a forum for news, information and, self expression where almost any topic is on the table and open to discussion. However, unlike any other form of media there is no financial reward for the diligent private blogger to signal that your content is hitting the spot. It is my belief that certain social networks have set the bar for the anonymous and equally silent ‘liking’ culture. We have all been one of those on the fence voyeurs of other people’s work, but not had the time, the will, or the confidence to leave a comment because maybe secretly we fear becoming involved in something we know little about. Yet we have all taken the time to read what ever it is we have ‘liked’, and we all have an opinion, so why not take a few more seconds and express why you ‘like’ what you read?

Let’s break the mould as fellow bloggers by not prescribing to the ‘blue and white FishBlat’ style social networking culture, and express your views about other people’s work, after all why else do we join social networks?

Nobody is asking us to get involved knee deep in discussion, a few simple words will suffice.

I have written this with the best of intentions and much admiration for all you rather marvellous bloggers out there who have so much great stuff to talk about. Keep it up!


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