The Daily Channel – When do you know that it’s time to change?

The most enchanting city in the world!
The most enchanting city in the world!

Time to Change

I suppose there is no easy way to decide when it is time to change. Usually fuelled by a sense of unrest, and of feeling as though life just isn’t going how you want it. You reach out and yet often there is no-one there to help you figure out what to do instead, just when you feel you might need that connection and support the most. You may feel as though you have exhausted all avenues and don’t know which way to turn. For most of us the question that frustrates us the most is not “Will I change?” but,  “How do I change?”. If you knew then you would do it, right?

And that’s the thing, if you were not concerned with the ‘how‘, then you would probably find yourself just going with whatever felt right at that moment. However, now and again we go through these phases of feeling stuck in life so that we can be reminded that we may need to turn inwardly and tap into our own infinite repositories of inner wisdom to search for the answers that we seek.

From personal experience, I know that sometimes even turning inwardly does not give me the answers that I think I want, at least it may not be obvious to me straight away. There may be other forces at work where such periods of inward reflection are part of a wider mass-conscious reaction to changes that are motioned into being by all involved and are necessary for all involved. It may not be just us as individuals that we feel unable to move forward, but as part of  a wider social group, of which we as individuals may or may not think we are part. You may have been picking up on signals from others around you who may be expressing similar feelings and thoughts as you. These are your clues as to the frame of reference for your current state. It may even be part of a wider social concern that affects a nation, or indeed humanity itself. What ever the circumstances or frame of reference, it is a process that is worth paying attention to.


Inner Reality

We can ignore our own inner realities only for so long before we and others alike begin to feel the effects. Feeling under the weather,  feeling despondent, uncared for, or just feeling more tired than usual can herald such a time of inner retreat. This kind of inner retreat is an important part  of our development as physical and non-physical entities, just as much as being outwardly creative and sociable is. At our most emotionally vulnerable, these are the moments that we need to ask important questions, but instead of waiting for some-one else to give us the answers, listen and pay attention to what arises from within yourself. Above all trust that you already know what is necessary for your growth and well-being and good physical health. Accepting that we are all multifaceted beings capable of many things is a good start to reviving the good feelings within ourselves, which as if by magic will reverberate out into our lives almost instantly. When you feel good then all else appears good.

Rather than thinking that you are stuck in a rut, and feeling helpless and sorry for yourself, take notice of what is happening to you and embrace the opportunities that your circumstances are giving you, as you may not be noticing why this period of rest is beneficial to you and perhaps to those around you. It may be that in being made aware of exactly what you don’t want to put up with anymore, you may be able to gain a level of clarity and reflection that eluded you before and decide what you would rather have. You are being challenged at these times to re-examine the views you have of your life and your purpose in life, and thus begin to adjust your inner values accordingly. What is important to your own well-being? What excites you and fires your passion regardless of the adversity that you may be faced with? What would you do for nothing, for no payment at all? How would you take care of yourself?

Go with it. See it through and  allow the process of your own personal spiritual/soul/emotional growth to just happen in its own time, however long it takes. It may happen instantly, or it may take a little longer, and that’s fine. What I can guarantee you is that you cannot help but emerge changed and renewed  if you see it through. See where your impulses lead you. Let your inner you, the universe sort the ‘how’ out. In so doing you both free yourself and take full responsibility for who you are, and thus take control of your circumstances from within you rather than outside of you.


Fresh Perspective

Sometimes ‘turning away’ is what needs to happen in order for all of us to gain fresh perspective. When I think of how many times family and friends have accused me of ‘running away’ throughout my life out of concern, love or what ever reason they may have had, more often than I care to think about in fact. Yet had I listened to them I would not have experienced or achieved many of the things that I have and I’m so grateful for, even now years on and that make me who I am. And that process continues. We are all forever facing and overcoming challenges however small or big they may be. They are all important. That’s life.

I’m proud that I stuck to my guns and followed my impulses at such times of seeming turmoil in my life. Some life challenges take a little longer than expected and are a little more arduous than anticipated, so you have to go through many changes and take many ‘escapes’ routes before things make sense. It’s all part of life and the development of the soul energy that exists before, after, in between, now and every which way you can imagine. Do not discredit how much you know and how grand you truly are, and definitely do not be afraid of how far or how high you can and do reach. There is much we are all still learning about ourselves, and everyone has their own fascinating unique story to tell.


The Spaces In between

We spend so much time focussing outwardly that we can often ignore the important messages, emotional states and realities within. That is, within ourselves and the spaces in between everything that we think we see. There is so much about our realities that we don’t understand in conventional terms, with science barely having scratched the surface. However, listening to and trusting ourselves enables us to have access to a level and wealth of inherent, innate information and knowledge that in my mind conventional science will never quite reach, nor even begin to truly understand through the faculties of physical perception alone. There is only so much you can measure with physical tools, or the physical senses.

An important balance has to be struck between our visible and invisible existence, listening to and consolidating the information we receive inwardly and project outwardly will ensure that this balance is struck, and from that comes clear direction and purpose. Only when the whole of you is taken care of and cherished will you then feel free and able to love freely and enjoy life as is your every right. And it really isn’t too much to ask.

Love and light to you all, Ishaiya x


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