The Daily Channel – A Fitting End

View from the The Grand Canal
View from the The Grand Canal

A Fitting End

Ladies and Gentlemen: I have begun by giving you the antithesis to an afterthought. You have listened to my voice, albeit in your own imaginings, and you have come to your own conclusions about the nature of time, man, and existence. Let me tell you now that you have but begun a manifold journey into the psyche of the universe, and as you and ‘it’ are synonymous, it is a journey into your own private psyches. The council members of your thoughts are the ones that guide you on your way, each one with their own history and advice. You have lost the ability to communicate with yourselves, that is all. It isn’t a life or death situation at all; in fact it isn’t even a question of life or death. Life is your mission, your understanding, and your creation. Death is the afterthought, and the homecoming that you so desire, and it too is your creation. Between the two, there is very little difference. Your focus is the key factor, the contributor to what you experience and perceive through the albeit limited framework of your humanness.

So, pull up a chair, sit yourselves comfortably, and tell me how you would like things to be. Who do you wish to be this time?

With what colours would you like to paint your life, this time?

Tell me everything, and do not miss out any details, for I will be listening with a keen ear, to every breath or murmur that is pregnant with unspoken emotion. Allow yourselves the freedom to express yourselves as, who…you…are.

Be the pain that forms your wounds. Be the love that heals them. Be everything you wish to be, and all will be revealed as if by magic.

Allow me to mention here that there is no magic wand to wave, for your conscious involvement in what is ‘outside’ of yourselves is what has caused you to forget in the first place. It is erroneous to believe that life will go on without you. You are the very magic spark that ignites all life around you. Without you there is no life. Simple but true.

So, have you now told me everything? Have you included every last detail?

I do not remember stipulating that time was a factor here. Without you, time could not exist within even the most abstract of notions.

Have you forgotten so much?

No I do not think so. There is hope yet that the fog of amnesia will clear, and that full recognition will again be part of your mental vocabulary.

Your emotions however have never defaulted on you, for they are the very essence of who you are and who you aspire to be. The word aspire is a derivative of the Latin word to breathe, and that is what you do. You breathe. Within your current framework of belief, breath is what sustains your life. In actuality the truth of your life lies more within the concept of aspiration than with the act itself. Your very presence is an aspiration, an aspiration to be, and indeed that is where you gain much of your inspiration. Again a derivative of the Latin word to breathe. So the act of breathing as a sustaining element of your life, and your time here is, more symbolic of the reason for your life than you ever imagined.

Take a moment, in fact take as long as you like. Neither you nor I are going anywhere.

Wherever you need to be, whoever you need to be, remember, you are already there. You are here.  What possibly could concern you more?


Don't forget to breathe...

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