The Daily Channel – The Hybrid Self

Bluebells in woods

” Identity is a funny thing when you can no longer associate with any one in particular. You become a hybrid of personalities and personality traits, abilities; extensions of selves you once knew intimately and of those you will come to know. The richness of life that fills you as you step away from the linear transgression into a brighter more vivid existence is an experience that we all have at our fingertips at all times. It happens when you sleep, or when you close your eyes to daydream and imagine. It is from this place that all dreams arise and inspirations greet you with a firm handshake and a warm embrace. Who you are in the physical linear melts away into the milieu of remembrance, the ‘inner’ realm where all you meet know you well and know you by all your other names, faces, lives, and existences. You are a star among stars when you release your hold on your physical perceptions, even but for an instant. Returning home is important for all in the linear transgression. You need to sleep in order to maintain not just your physical body but also your physical environment and your perceptions of it. It is a choice that you progress through physical life as you do, that you experience the endeavour that is ‘you’ as you currently understand it. And what a pleasure it is too. So gritty and varied and full of the loves and tragedies that so inspired your writers of note, such as Shakespeare. Life is an exposé of the many and varied ways in which the energy source from which you hail explores its nature and sense of being.

Being you is a much involved process, a concentration of intimate knowledge that requires a very specific and intense focus. It is a projection of a more all-encompassing you that is and would be within your understanding more public and not private. It takes some effort on the part of your physical self to maintain a sense of singular identity because that is not the nature of your being or for that matter your perception, or your abilities to perceive. That you perceive yourself within the physical as an individual, a singular identity is a trick of the mind. A highly evolved ‘trick’ that allows you to create reference points within your field of experiences that you and others can relate to and agree upon. If it were not so then you would find it very confusing indeed, though of course you are more than capable of perceiving your multiple existences at all times, and do at other levels of awareness. However, from your present standpoint your accepted reality dictates that life is linear and thus limited to what is physically perceived. This of course is not a one-shoe-fits-all scenario, as there are those ‘individuals’ who do indeed have a much broader perspective than the one that is most widely accepted, and they are able to glimpse other portions of themselves and their greater reality to varying degrees from a physically focussed stand point. Generally speaking however, your point of reference when it comes to who you are and where you are is affected by your individual and collective beliefs and thus limited or enabled by them.

Capsicums [Solanaceae]are indeed a poisonous thing if they are not treated correctly before consumption. They must be prepared according to your beliefs and customs and knowledge of their nature. I talk of capsicums in their broader sense, as a species of plant that in its various forms can be lethal to your physical survival. Yet with very refined knowledge and ‘experience’ you are able to consume the fruit or tubers of this species of plant with confidence that you will come to no harm. The knowledge of which types of fruit or tubers could be consumed existed long before your science could explain why. Like many animals you as physical entities have the ability to discern fine details, details that would escape usual methods of [scientific] investigation. You are in constant communication with all that you perceive at all levels of awareness, so you know before hand the kind of experiences that will be to your benefit and the kind that will compromise your  well-being or physical survival, even though you may indeed believe that you do not and could not know as dictated by your present belief system.

Look into a crowd of faces and you will see many, yet all are reflections of you. From your standpoint you are all separate, however from our standpoint, those of us who stand outside of usual perception, in those moments of shining retreat, we are all one. Unified and aware of all and in all ways. Always!”

(By a collective of wise beings)


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