I came across a digital photograph of exactly the scene I was seeing through the eyes of the man named Bob in this post I originally channelled back in December 2012. It stopped me in my tracks, and I suddenly knew exactly what I was looking at. It’s always amazing to me when I get real world validation for the intuitive information I receive. There will always be the cynic in me who questions the veracity of my channellings; and I love these moments because that voice falls silent, and I am left speechless and in awe.



” Blindness leads to discretion. All that prevails is besieged by doubt. Try to turn it to your advantage; how am I supposed to do that when I have no more that I can call my own? Let there be light, change, wind, help. But from whom? I sat three years ago in an armchair overlooking the street below from my apartment window, and from there I saw many things. The daily goings-on of the populace of a once very urban community, but who through change and redevelopment had broken all the rules. Rules there to be bent, broken, and manipulated into strings of numbers; accounts overladen with debt and lives full of artifice.They felt like dangerous times, but I knew, yes knew that it would not last before some-one, not that I was one of those people, would change the status-quo and turn it all back on…

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