Clouds over Granada

The Daily Channel – Translation

” Friends of old come and go, then comes the new and a time to reflect on what has been up until this moment the familiar furniture of your world. Then it vanishes as if by magic, transforming into something before unseen by your innocent eyes. Then remembering becomes part of your vocabulary once again. Remembering everything in the minutest detail. Strong vivid emotions chained no longer to physical impressions. Turning like the helicopter blades of a sycamore seed. Spiralling down, away from the tree that gave you life; to return to the earth from where all life springs. Back to the ground, the launch pad that catapults you back into being again. The life you have lived is all but gone, but much improved with you aware of all the facets that you created, that you had obscured from your sight through physical form. I sit now swaying in the wind with the trees, not knowing how long I have been enjoying the sun on my face, or the sound of the grass hush-hushing below me. You know how you lose track of time in life? You know that mere moments can have passed, yet it feels like hours. Totally and utterly far away from physical time, from the sense that you are putting one foot in front of the other in order to get somewhere. There is nowhere you do not already know in your heart. No time or place you have not yet visited in your thoughts and emotions. All come to life when you release your grip on the physical lens of your earthly life. No one knows more about living than you. No one listens more intently to the possible outcomes that beckon you forth on your path than you.”

(By a young woman)

“We are trying to help you comprehend your Beingness. We want you to understand how you came to be the person you are, the entity you will become and the energy force that you always have been and continue to be regardless of your inability at times to put two and two together, and make the necessary connections that would enable you to remember with absolute clarity the path you have chosen and continually choose to create for yourself. You are the perfection of your own grand plan perpetrating in every waking moment the story that you so successfully choose to enact and fulfil with all the other life forms that gather to form your reality. You are the one and only person who knows and understands with absolute clarity the course that you take through your physical linear timeline. You understand, though you may not always see or comprehend from your current perspective, how your own thoughts clarify the world around you.

Pull back and allow yourself to become distant. Quiet your mind and allow the sound of the rain to settle in your thoughts and wash away the dust that has collected about your feet. Listen as what comes next is not usual.”

(By a group of higher entities)

“Not us! Let us be free.”

(Distant voices)

“Your anger carries you westwards. Beyond the scope of rational thought. You know that times are changing and that circumstances lend you support no more. Yet you persist with this awful nagging at yourself. Your mind knows which way it must go in order to find fulfilment. You need only to let it lead the rest of you. Work in unison with all of your being. Do not be afraid of your own power to overcome the trifles of a life seemingly shrouded in watery mists.”

(By a man recently passed)

“Fixed in a point in time you are not. None of us are. We are here as your are. There is no in-between, there is only the ability to remember and thus see the whole picture instead of the choice to only see a small portion of it. That portion seen out of its true context can be confusing and seem distorted and fragmentary. Life in the physical is that way to an extent. You are privy to a portion of your whole existence, and the energy that forges your very awareness. You have come a long way. The road ahead still seems to trail off over the horizon to places yet unknown. Places that you still believe lie outside of your usual awareness. And that’s ok, there is no hurry from your perspective. Time will run its course as it must, and all will be revealed when you get to where ever it is you need to be. Much is lost in translation from one mode of consciousness to the other. From the dreaming perspective and that of your physically awake self. Your dreams make sense while you are dreaming. You are aware of much that would normally be obscured by the intensity of the waking moment. Then the moment you come into physical consciousness and you are physically awake and aware, you remember little of the adventures that you had embarked upon through your sleep. There are words being uttered in between the spaces of the words that you read. The spaces are always full of so much inspiration and thought, and intent. Yet invisible to the senses that are limited by popular belief. By stories that tell of the human inability to understand all words that are uttered in all languages, through all senses.”

(By wise teachers)

“I used to be a priest. That is as it stands. I am no longer a man of the cloth, yet I still pursue the same outcome, that of eternal peace and a resounding love for all that tread the path that I once trod as a man in cloth and sandals upon a path that felt solid beneath my heels and terse to the touch of my weathered fingers of flesh. I found my calling as a boy, long ago according to your own time now. I came from simple means, with parents who raised me to herd goats and make cheese. I loved the goats, and I loved the cheese that my parents lovingly made with their own hands. It was my life, that and the land that surrounded us and gave us sustenance. I knew however that cheese and goats did not create all that I saw about me. They, like me were the result of something else. I knew deep within my heart that I had barely even touched upon the truth of the wonder of life about me through my meagre existence. The wind would sigh as I sighed and breathed. The clouds would darken as I struggled with the more confusing elements of life. The rains would fall as my own tiredness would pull at my eyes from working long days with my parents, tending the goats and ensuring that we had enough to live by.

I remember watching an ant scurry past on the ground before me carrying a leaf that was many times its own size, and I remember wondering how it was possible that a creature so small could carry something so big. I felt a kinship with that ant, feeling that I too was carrying upon my shoulders something of such magnitude that was at the same time seemingly weightless. My curiosity and need to understand was my leaf. I admired the ant for understanding its purpose and knowing the course it must take in order to survive, despite the obstacles in its path. The rocks and the loose sticks that it merely scaled effortlessly in the fulfilment of its task. My task at once appeared clear to me, as if the ant had told me a secret that was intended only for me. I could see the clouds billowing on the horizon as though my thoughts had drifted from my mind and gathered upon the hills in the distance and filling me with the need to know what lay beneath them, the landscape they were shrouding from the sun. I began to walk, unaware that I was moving away from my home, my parents and the goats and land I loved so much and had only ever known. My heart was leading me in the direction of the clouds above the hills. I knew I had to keep walking and discover what lay beneath them. It was a while before I began to think of my parents and my home, and that perhaps they would be missing me. I felt panic, suddenly unaware of how far I had walked or how long I had been walking. I stopped and looked about me, but the farm was no longer in my sight. All about me was desert, save for the clouds in the distance which now glowed with the light of the lowering sun. Still far away, the hills seemingly no closer. I sat for a moment on the hard ground, feeling for the first time the tension in my legs and the tiredness in my body. I had a small flask of water with me, and the piece of bread that my mother had given me to eat out on the pastures while I tended to the goats. I took a small draught of water and ate some of the bread. I felt remorse and confusion, and the darkening sky suddenly felt heavy upon my shoulders. The light of the sun was vanishing as was my desire to keep walking and discover what lay on the horizon.

That day became a dividing point in my life. My path which had been so clear before me as the son of goat herders and cheese makers was now obscured by another vision. A desire to know that which lay beyond what I could see and feel. It took me many years to understand however, that no matter how many miles you walk it will not lead you any closer to what lies in the grasp of your heart. You may meet many interesting people on the way and have very many fascinating encounters, but what you truly seek lies not in what can be physically perceived. It is a lesson I failed to understand and learn that day when I was a boy, even though it was as clear as the clouds above the hills that I so longed to reach. What I sought was already in my thoughts, in my mind and in my heart. I returned home, weary, hungry, cold and utterly forlorn at having worried my parents so. Yet relieved. They loved me as I them, and I knew that they needed me more than hills and the clouds at that time. I would have my time for exploration; and that desire to understand would never leave me. My experience that day served to temper me and showed me  how vulnerable I was beyond the world I knew so well. It taught me that the next time I felt my feet carrying me away in such a way I would be better prepared.

The next time I felt the need to leave I was a young man, coming of age and prepared to face the hills once more and discover what treasures lay among them.”

(A past life)

The above is a collection of anecdotes from a collection of different beings as channelled through me.


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