The Daily Channel – The Middle of Everything

“After all that is said and done you are no further from your own truth than you were before. That is to say that you have always been at the centre of your experience at every moment throughout your life. If you chose not to notice, or accept control then you were merely ignoring that which has been with you from the very beginning, and has been very much within your grasp. Taking responsibility for the events that occur in your current life is a tough challenge when you have so actively sought to stay out of the habit of doing so.

The heaviness you feel in your heart at times is not the weight of the world bearing down on you but your own unwillingness to accept your truth. How many secrets do you shroud yourself from, what beliefs do you carry with you like heavy luggage everywhere you go? Beliefs that only inhibit and hinder your ability to let go and accept that you have always been at the source of all of your thinking, emotions, actions and thus events in your life. You are what you think, you are at the middle of everything, and your power is in accepting yourself fully warts and all. It’s never too late to redress your point of view and take full control of who you would like to be from this moment on. No one will judge you any more than you judge yourself. So be strong, take a deep breath and tell yourself all. By dispelling all the secrets your truth will be revealed with brilliant clarity.”

(A message from Joseph)


Your comments are most welcome and if you have any questions then feel free to ask. If my friends in the non-physical have any messages to pass on then I will happily do so. Thanks for reading!

Maria a.k.a Ishaiya


Don't forget to breathe...

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