The Daily Channel – Wisdom

“You are only as wise as your most basic assumptions about yourself, and the world around you. If you are not prepared to have those assumptions challenged then you will never know the true extent of your wisdom. You have the ability at this very moment to expand your awareness and to see yourself and your life in new ways. If you are being challenged then you are likely not listening to your own desire to grow and expand. You create your experience, so those around you are simply mirroring and enacting your own beliefs. So listen! Be aware of your core assumptions and decide whether you are happy to be defined by them or not. If not then allow yourself to expand your boundaries and explore new possibilities.  If however your decide you are happy with your current assumptions, then you will discover that they will change effortlessly, it is your unwillingness to accept responsibility for many of your beliefs that maintains their integrity. The moment you address your beliefs fully, then they are already new beliefs. Life is not a static experience, thus beliefs are not static, regardless of the hold that some may have on them. Have your cake, eat it and share it! Every moment is a unique opportunity that will never be repeated.”

Joseph 20:20:20


2 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Wisdom

    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, it means a lot to me. I love channelling these great little pieces. I’m never quite sure how they will manifest themselves, but I know that they are always deeply insightful and inspirational for me personally, so I’m pleased that you liked it.

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