The Daily Channel – Questions

” What questions do we ask ourselves when we seek an answer? What comes when no reply is seemingly given? The truth behind all that you seek lies deep within your very soul. You are all there is to be. Within you lies the potential for many great ¬†and varied permutations of self-hood. You must exceed your own expectations if you are to follow in your own footsteps! The question is given because it has already been answered. There is no linear judgement here. There is no time like the present, and the present is your gift. Receive it well … Continue reading The Daily Channel – Questions

Snapshot Stories – Carolyn 2007

Carolyn 2007 My arms are pressed against the glass. I’m trying to see beyond the scope of my vision; past the trucks and the vehicles stacked like paper plates at the end of a party. I see people waving their arms, trying to grab the attention of the guys in uniform that pass them by in a hurry and with fixed expressions, intent on going somewhere. I see the lights flashing, blue. Bright piercing blue, cutting shards through the dark night.There is no sound. I try to reach my arm across the seat. My friend is terribly still, her head … Continue reading Snapshot Stories – Carolyn 2007