The Daily Channel – Questions

” What questions do we ask ourselves when we seek an answer?

What comes when no reply is seemingly given?

The truth behind all that you seek lies deep within your very soul. You are all there is to be. Within you lies the potential for many great  and varied permutations of self-hood. You must exceed your own expectations if you are to follow in your own footsteps!

The question is given because it has already been answered. There is no linear judgement here. There is no time like the present, and the present is your gift. Receive it well lest it gather dust!

Your masterfulness is enticing. It lacks virility at times, and I use the word ‘time’ allegorically. Spontaneity is at your beck and call [so] follow your impulses, and your compulsions to do even the most [seemingly] insignificant of tasks; for it is no mean feat creating what you do from ‘moment’ to ‘moment’. Yes, just like stepping-stones. The only continuity [that provides a reference point in time] is the stride of your own magnificence between the two, and the relevance it has to your own fulfilment. Growth is fulfilment. Yet fulfilment is so much more than physical growth. It is all that you exist for. In this life and the next, and the one before and the one after and in between!

You seek what you [already] know. The answer to all lies within your very make-up. all you have to do is look, feel, sense and touch your truth. Remember, bring your whole being into focus. Your head is not the engine room. There is [in fact] no engine, just you.


Joseph 20:20:20

(This piece is as I originally channelled it longhand. Words in brackets are my own addition for clarification.)


10 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Questions

    1. In answer to your question, you manifest people in your physical life when you most need them physically. However, physical perception requires such an intense focus that in some ways some relationships are better perceived and experienced at ‘distance’. Of course the ‘distance’ is an illusion, and I know that you have been in the same room as me because I have felt your presence and I have heard you speak to me. Blessings and light as always


    1. Actually I think the order of my replies got a bit muddled. My more lengthy reply was in answer to my own question as to why you distance yourself from those you wish to be close to. I find the same happens to me.

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