The Daily Channel – Knowing

‘ This is my time. I am here for only two reasons: to love and be loved. My name is not important; my face ever-changing and new, though you know the breadth of my soul, and in that the breadth of your own. Your only obligation is to ‘Know Yourself’, to see with eyes that you already have inside your heart, and to see that you live your life to fulness. Your creature-hood is not forfeit, it is your opportunity to engage with your existence in a way that is not possible outside the scope of physical wakefulness. A unique opportunity to smile with lips that you do not have with your soul alone, and to spread the contagion that is happiness even for the most fleeting of moments. For moments such as these can speak an eternity in memory, and are indeed the sparks that ignite the fire of remembering. ‘Faith’ is just a word, what you know in your heart – if you dare to ask it – is without words and runs deep into the roots of your being. It is an unquestionable knowing what will fulfil you best, without doubt and without fear. Dare to ask your heart how to love and be loved, and dare to listen and remember what you have always known from the moment you entered this life.’

( A message from Haram)




2 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Knowing

  1. That’s deep… Something I’ve been coming up against, is discovering that I’m teaching old soul concepts to a crowd that’s not completely ready for it. I’ve always known if I use simple concepts, I’ll reach a larger audience. This is a nice post, I like that it has me looking in places I haven’t looked in a while. I’m learning how to be magical without being seen, and I looking forward to waking up from the dream.

  2. It’s kind of strange when I read my channelled pieces over again, i.e. not being in semi-trance. I see what you mean about it being deep. I really didn’t think it was, but it really is! But you have absolutely stepped inside my head and voiced here exactly what has been bothering me for some time now, and been very much on my mind this last week or so. That not everybody is ready for these concepts whether it is within them or not. But as another fellow blogger reminded me recently, you will come across such concepts and words if and when you are ready for them. And as I’m sure with some if they have come across such ideas and been confused or challenged by them, then it’s a cause to question the beliefs they hold and perhaps cut themselves a little slack. Beliefs are limitations in essence, and thus are there to be challenged particularly if your personal growth and happiness are stifled because of them. Thing is you can be magical and be seen, and you are all the time without knowing it. We all are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your thoughts. I am eternally grateful, and as an old soul you know that I really am 🙂 Blessings….

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