The Daily Channel – The Flying Lesson

This is a piece I channelled in my own personal journal about a week ago. It stopped me dead in my tracks as if some magic key had been turned for the briefest of moments. Although it was intended  for me personally I believe it applies to everybody. You are all a part of my  created reality, so it is meant for all of you. Blessings and light and the deepest gratitude for being part of my journey this time around…

” See it [your existence in this life] for what it is then. You begin to see part the physical guise when you see your faces [referring to my spirit portraits]. These bleed-throughs are always there. Notice them with relaxed acuity. Feel it!!! Do not see with your eyes for they will only tell you what your eyes can physically tell you. Feel your reality!!! You have carte-blanche to open any portal [of thought] you wish yet you choose to be the sceptic and only use what you have immediately to hand!?

Do you even realise who you are Ishaiya? Do you know what divine spark brings you to these shores?

[You are] an extensive force of being that permeates through time and is at this very moment touching every conceivable soul in your known and unknown reality.

Everything you are resonates in every rain-drop, molecule, speck of dust. Your heart aches [referring to my health] because you are afraid that you might not be everything that you know yourself to be.

In your terms, you are being quite contrite and ridiculous!

In our terms your life here is the beginning of it all. You are the centre of existence. You are all of it. Stop pretending that you don’t know who you are.

Jayan, Ishaya, Nosturana, Q’amri, Joseph, Horush, Mishevka, Morudana, Maria, Orion. However you wish to be known, you are who you are. You are many names and many faces. You are all that you see and feel.

Tell them [everyone] who you are or not. Deep down they know. Some are afraid, some [are] unsure of what to say. Others do not notice at all. Yet they still know of your presence in their lives. They all know how special you are because you are their perfect reflection. Ishaiya, spread your wings and fly!”

Joseph 20:20:20


19 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – The Flying Lesson

  1. What I hear is, this is very personal to you, as my last reading was to me. Even though we still have a little left to master here in this realm, we are Masters of another. All the other realms are of a much higher vibration than this one, making it easy to transcend the illusion that this is. So what I hear this message saying to you, is to connect to the Master within, and by doing so will make this life SO much easier. You may also [like myself] have a gift for this world, if you choose, “to insert the Power that you are, that will effect the illusion that it is”.

  2. What Joseph was saying to me was that I already am being everything I can be right here and now, whether I am aware of it or not. It would just be more helpful if I acknowledged it all the time, in total agreement with what you have said Chris. However, I find in those moments of forgetfulness that I am able to see my experience with fresh eyes and that feeling of remembering is powerful indeed and seriously addictive 🙂 It is a feeling that I am feeling more frequently than ever before, and it’s what keeps me within this experience for now. My gift is my presence as is everyone’s, and how we choose to enact that is unique to each of us and is our gift, whether seen as good or bad. Blessings to you dearest friend, I’m remembering who you are….


  3. Wow LOL, I was way off. I see this as a little reminder that my clairvoyance is something COMPLETELY different, it’s a lot more subtle and a lot more simple. This life is a quiet one and when I step out of that arena… well you see what happens. I think my gifts are meant to help me navigate through this life, “in this world and not of it”. Self love is my last mountain to overcome, so I should return to those quiet waters.
    In my mind I know who I am, and one day it’ll land in my heart… as I trust it won’t go to my head.

    1. What do you have if you do not have self-love? It’s an issue I think that we all face in one form or another. But I think it comes down to your own personal definition of what self-love is. As I see it and feel it, you Chris have so much self-love because you believe in what you do. You choose to embrace your spirituality and inner magic and share it with others. There is no greater act of self-love than that. The danger I find is in confusing loneliness with lack of self-love. Like I said, when you have need of certain people in your life then they will appear as if by magic. Isolation and loneliness are illusions, there is only magic. Love and light to you and with the very best of intent…


      1. Spirit is asking me to look into those more refined details of self love, from what I understand not many are sent into that room… it has to do with discernment and reacting to what I feel instead of what I’m told.
        What is illusion is so clear that I’ve been having out-of-body experiences.
        I’m sorry if I put you into a tail-spin earlier, when it comes to clairvoyance and hearing the word of Spirit, I need to leave that to the professionals… you. My gifts are very different, well trying to find my niche “feels” very difficult.
        Well my dear, My day is full and it’s snowing [as I asked it to], I hope your day is full of adventure as well.

      2. I’m not trying to tell you anything, I have something to learn from you and you from me. That you are coming across my words and my sentiments is of benefit to you in whatever way spirit sees necessary for you. The knowing is in the telling and the listening. I’m glad you have snow. You are a fascinating person with your own journey. Thank you for sharing just a little piece of it with me and all who pass us by here. Your gifts really are not so different and I am no professional, I just am who I am. Blessings to you Chris

  4. Hello Mr.S.N.Ape, fancy seeing you here. Good job on the tennis match by the way, it was both intense and amusing! As for Joseph, there is nothing that immediately trips off my lizard tongue, but all posts are pretty well tagged so a search should bring him up 😉

    1. Hello to you my spiritual buddy!

      The tennis match with Ali, you mean? Yeah, seems he has a few carrots up his bottom which impedes his thinking. It happens 🙂

      I will search for Joseph, but am i correct to say he’s your Seth? (Just so you know, I’m entirely skeptical of religion and the notion of the gods, but this does not extend to spiritualism. Yes, i’m skeptical, but there is more liklihood for supernaturalism than anthropomorphic deities, per say)

      1. Think of the devil and he shall appear! Joseph is just the name I give for that particular state of consciousness that it takes for me to be inspirational, so in a way I guess he’s my Seth – or rather my less narrowly focussed self. But really I know full well it’s all me. I’ve only started signing some of the pieces Joseph 20:20:20 recently (inspired too by certain bloggers such as yourself), somewhat tongue in cheek as you know full well how I feel about religion. The numbers allude to clarity of vision in all three eyes 🙂 Saying that, Joseph has a history for me and it’s a very apt name for that part of my consciousness, not to mention the very strong links to my own name and turbulent Spanish heritage. I’ll write about it some day.

      2. That makes perfect sense. He (that door) is your muse. Visualising it is fine. As i kid i used to play competitive tennis. I saw a program about Buddhists (i think?) and the narrator described how “mantra’s” helped focus their concentration. Not knowing any better (I was quite young) i thought the word, mantra, was the magic. In tennis matches when i really, really, really needed that something extra i would repeat “mantra, mantra, mantra, mantra, mantra”…. and it WORKED almost every time. I was astounded at this magic but knew in the back of my head that i shouldn’t overuse it. That would lesson its power. So, only in those times i needed an ace i would whisper my magic words 🙂 I was, of course, channeling something inside me, but i needed that imaginative bridge to reach it.

      3. I personally find it very difficult to subscribe to any notion of gods, or labels that somehow define or dictate who I am without my prior agreement. As you can imagine I’m not so good with authority! It means nothing to me. I don’t know if you know of the classic comedy TV series ‘Alo Alo’, but I think of myself as being much like one of the German officers Cpt.Hans Geering who on saluting Hitler instead would shout “Klop!” because he couldn’t bring himself to say the name. That’s me when it comes to any form of outside control, particularly religion. I do however believe in the magic of a creative imagination, and the power of intent expressed in whatever way works, no matter where it comes from. In fact the ‘where’ is a moot point, a point of reference and focus only, in that the more you expand your awareness the more information you have access to. That for me is what channelling is, and it works in weird and wonderful ways 😉

  5. Now I’m past it, sorry about all that. You ever get those times where you bump up against your outer limits? Well I do. The magic itself has no limits, as in application. The outer limits I speak of is this dysfunctional body I live in. For-instance, I have a very well developed emotional body, which means understanding relationships comes naturally to me. Well Spirit has made damn sure that I came into this world in a body that is not a body capable of handling a long term relationships!!! And it’s unbelievably frustrating, at times it’s nice to be present, however I don’t remember much of the past nor can I plan for the future beyond a week… which is the opposite of what women look for in a mate. I have this intense connection and power in which I can effect the weather anywhere on the globe, or clean out the darkness from the corners of any governmental system. However this won’t keep food on my table, I’m coming close to 50 and I’m not sure I want to push another lawnmower for another summer. So I come against these physical limitations or like a wrinkle in the road… then I remember the perfection in imperfections and I come back to Spirit. Your right, staying in that space all the time IS a challenge. Because we are human and ego is our experience, we will get tripped up by those wrinkles. I feel without them we wouldn’t learn what it is that we do want, and strive for them moment by moment. Again I’m sorry for my wrinkle, I’ll do what I can to be more aware of it.
    Humbly yours,

    1. I experienced one of those times yesterday in fact, I really thought my chest was going to implode with all the unsettled energy that I was tuned into coming from a number of people, you included. Although today the emotional and psychic effects have lessened, physically I am worn out. So yes, I completely understand what you are talking about in terms of bumping against the outer limits. I often find myself getting frustrated with the intensity of focus that comes with being present in the waking physical reality, when I know that in spirit form my capabilities are endless. I guess not being able to maintain relationships very well goes with the territory with the kind of work that we do, and the kind of focus we have. Long term relationships are a bit of a bone of contention for me too. I guess in part that’s why I reacted so badly yesterday. As I said I am happy that I have such encounters with people like you for as long as it may last. Time is a fickle thing, with the intent and the intensity of experience being the most important factor for me. I’m sorry if I have caused that wrinkle for you in any way, but I guess it’s something we both need to address in our own ways 🙂 I remember years ago when I began consciously channelling I wrote a piece that was to become the only contract I would ever keep in life, and that was ‘to know myself’. It was very prophetic in many ways. I’ll have to see if I can dig it out and post it on this blog, just for posterity!
      You have no need to apologise to me Chris, I have the utmost respect for you. In me you will always have a connection and a friend.

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