The Overseer

The Overseer – Part Two


My gift is to you all;

To humanity and the stars.

I shall paint your world again

With the colours of the heart.

Give vision to those without sight;

Make heard what needs be listened to;

Give warmth to those who are weary;

And once again united,

We shall break this fast,

And give birth to the dawning of a new sun,

A new spirit, and a new heart.



I come as time gives leave;

As the winds blow thorough;

And as the darkness of the soul

Descends upon our closing eyes.

I come as Overseer –

To mediate truth

As spoken through fear,

Through panic and remorse;

In these our final days

Before answer is given voice.

Upon your will and secret calling,

I appear as a winter tree

With no cloak of leaves

To fool your heart;

Nor premonition borne

In hollow seed.

Yet as a landmark seen in passing,

I shall lay bare the roots

Of your own footing,

And watch as you fall and rise again

From ashes, and flood, and dis-ease.

From indecision and malcontent,

In the span of a wish

Before its release,

As a whisper amongst whispers,

In the moment before waking.

I come, my face familiar

To the strain of ancient eyes

To recant a tale as old as time;

The tenets of our very self,

That uphold the skies

And record our step,

As another age comes to pass.

In this, the very hour of our reckoning,

I shall hold you with a knowing smile;

And watch the sentiment fill your own face

As cognition gains reprieve,

From the sallowness of expression

That has been the veil of your belief.

I lend you my hand…

Take it if you will.

‘Tis not for me to weigh your choice,

Though time will not lend your favor,

Nor shall I wait for your decision

To speak the final breath.


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