I Am Space

I am Space



I’m stepping into a world so wide,

My feet don’t touch the ground.

I can see for miles around,

And not a whisper passes my lips.

I float so buoyantly

On currents of knowledge

That far surpass my own;

Tired as I am in ageing  body,

Yet alive and wild in ageless


So much to see; so much to feel.

Colourful niches hidden in cloudless

Space; roads trailing off into distant

Mists; though I know no distance.

I am space;

I am space;



5 thoughts on “I Am Space

  1. I know that time and space are collocates, but who says they are in fact mutually inclusive? Bear in mind that I err on the side of Quantum Physics here. Good morning by the way (it’s morning here – there’s your time).

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments! If only everyone could remember the true agelessness of their beings as you do. If there is one thing I would wish to impart to others in this life-time it would be that. When you remember who you are, everything falls into place. Love and warmth to you…

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