Something to Return For

A wonderful insight from a wonderful person and friend. Enjoy!

Earth Connections

051When the spirit has completed all that it came to earth to do, the one thing to return for is as an Ascended Master in Light, to help those who are ready to find God. To guide and teach the expression of “living in the perfection of God”, which can be the greatest expression to those in his service, and no matter how grate or small you feel you are… all of it is seen and acknowledged. There is no grater or less than, it all simply IS.
As a bonus, sex and food are VERY unique to the human experience. The sexual orgasm is a physical reminder of what it’s like to be in the presence of God. In other realms we are created directly from Source and not from your mommy’s tummy, and sustenance comes in other forms than what we would know as food. The sexual and…

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