The Daily Channel – The Heartstone

Original artwork by Maria-Xosé Phillips-Sardiña a.k.a Ishaiya
Original artwork by Maria-Xosé Phillips-Sardiña a.k.a Ishaiya

This is a piece I channelled some years ago now when I was struggling with my own interpretation of love and the heart’s purpose. I grew up not knowing or really understanding love, unfortunately those early experiences have left me with a legacy of my physical heart being very unsettled even though I comprehend now it’s function in both it’s symbolic/spiritual and physical sense. It is a symbol I refer to frequently in my work as an artist. It’s a fun little piece with, however, an important message. 

The Heartstone

” For those in heaven who preach to the universe I am here to beseech you all.

I am here to commend your progress, and turn-on what has lain dormant.

Your heart speaks of truth and love, and knows you to be well.

With its very beating it heals you as you breathe in and out with laboured exertion. For hard have you made your heart race in the face of your experiences.

The Heartstone is your true source of power, and is a good repository of knowledge lest you forget what it is to know love.

Red is the colour of ambiguity, and suits you well.

Carved upon this stone is your statement and commitment to Be. Judgement alone may not sway your heart.

In fact anything to which your heart has committed will by virtue of itself remain intact.

Mistrust not your heart’s motives, for they are pure. Upholding your own integrity is your heart’s biggest joy. Better still, fulfilling your commitment to it will be your saving grace.

You follow your heart thusly:

  • Be not afraid to place your heart in another’s hands.
  • Imitate only your own emotions of purity. Imitate love for the sake of love. Others will see the truth in that.
  • Be careful not to give your love away, lest you deprive yourself of its wisdom. Hold dear what is most dear, dear!
  • Abuse not your own trust of love. Keep pure your heart of imperfections by keeping clear your thoughts one by one, until you see the joy shine in them.

Heart and mind are inextricably connected – you cannot sever the ties between them. Behind every thought or action is your heart’s intent.

Cleanse yourself by bathing; drinking wine; eating; clearing out an old cupboard. Calling a friend or family member. Writing. In doing what you enjoy is listening to your heart. In that you will experience what love is. Ever heard the axiom that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach?

Well it also works through the telephone, radio, bath-taps, broom cupboards, and anything else that urges you feel present and happy!

If projecting an image of your heart in front of you and talking to it helps, then who is to say that otherwise would be better?

Question not your heart’s intent for it truly knows what is best for you, and will endeavor through the entrapments of your mind to teach you thus and lead you hither.”


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