Snap-shot Stories – Window

” Transparent is my thinking with you. I have not loved another for so long, then you walk into my life and lust is a shadow of what I feel. The deep rhythmic tides of dawning awareness caress my soul like angular, but soft strokes of a brush painting a landscape, new and inviting. I am lost to you, my feathered saviour. I embrace the storm that rages within me, rending me apart with such creative aggression, that to tempt you from your close proximity to step even closer seems almost a sacrilege. But I pull and you come. I tempt you and you come yet closer. 

I have not known another quite like you. 

Tie me in knots;

Tie me ever up…up until I see the sun shining deep into my personhood, my wherewithal, my estranged but reverend façade. 

A lover’s kiss, from soul to soul. The embrace of Titans fighting beneath the skin of consciousness. I breathe deep and I know you well, my ocean, my vista, my Everest. 

Through the window I see my life unfolding like the cresting waves that spin time into fanciful webs of light dancing to the beat of my heart in concert with yours. I am joyous, I am yours, I am enraptured with you…

Forgive my impertinence, my name is John and you are…?”


9 thoughts on “Snap-shot Stories – Window

    1. Maybe it is. This piece started off as a “Daily Channel’ post, and as is always the case I never quite know what I’m going to come up with. The moment I get a connection I start to type. So I was most certainly channelling someone known as John. Anyway I thought this would do better as a Snapshot Story. Glad you liked it, and it’s always wonderful to see you grace my blog with your energy and presence. I hope you are well, blessings…

    1. Lol I see what you mean. Nice little story by the way Ark, very evocative! The name in my own story was originally Joan, like the Catalan form of John, but it didn’t feel right. There was a bit of a 1950’s cocktail party vibe to the piece, smokey room, whisky in crystal tumblers. The Anglo-Saxon version of the name just seemed more appropriate, no connection to Mr.S.N.Ape that I was aware of.

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