Quote for today April 26 2013 – Seth Speaks

“You have lived before and will live again, and when you are done with physical existence, you will still live. 

“I come here as though I appeared through a hole in space and time. There are walks in space and time through which you can travel, and in dreams you have been where I am. I want you to feel your own vitality. Feel it travel through the universe and know that it is not dependant on your physical image. In reality you project your own energy out to form the physical world. Therefore, to change your world, it is yourself you must change. You must change what you project.

“You always were and you always will be. This is the meaning of existence and joy. The God that is, is within you, for you are part of all that is.”

(The Seth Material: The Spiritual Teacher That Launched the New Age, Jane Roberts, New Awareness Network, 2001)


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