Quote for today (minus frogs or toads) – May 2 2013

“On a conscious level, and with your conscious reserves alone, you could not keep your body alive an hour. You would not know how to do it, for your life flows through you automatically and spontaneously. You take the details for granted – the breathing, the inner mechanisms of nourishment and elimination, the circulation, and the maintenance of your psychological continuity. All of that is taken care of for you in what I have termed Framework 2 [referring to the ‘inner’ non-physical body/being].
” In that regard, certainly, everything works to your advantage. Indeed, often the more concerned you become with your body the less smoothly it functions. In the spontaneity of your body’s operation is obviously a fine sense of order…There is no such thing as a chance encounter. No death occurs by chance, nor any birth.”

(A Seth Book: The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Jane Roberts, Amber-Allen Publishing, 1995)

Last night was probably one of the worst nights I have had in some time with regard to my health. For the past three weeks now I have been having a lot of problems with my heart and my blood pressure. Unfortunately for me these symptoms are part and parcel of a rare genetic condition that I battle with daily. Fortunately I tend to avoid such severe episodes by maintaining my fitness levels and wot not, however every once in a while it cripples me and my life is suddenly brought into very sharp focus.

As I lay in bed trying to rest and ignore the increasing tightness in my chest and the shortness of breath I was aware of how calm I actually was, almost as if I were just standing outside of my physical body. I could feel the vitality and the power of this calmness despite my intense physical symptoms, as though at any moment I could choose to let go and do something else. Furthermore it seemed like such a normal, natural thing to do. No fear, no worry, nothing, just calm. For the first time I feel I am truly grasping the vaster more powerful nature of my being. My physical body is not the sum of its parts, it is so much more, and I know that without any doubt now.

So when I was searching for a quote for today to post on this blog I decided to pick up one of my many Seth books and ‘randomly’ open the book and choose the first thing I came to. The above quote was what I found. Apt, and extremely poignant. I shall be working on putting Seth’s advice in to action, with the knowledge that whatever happens, it will be my choice on some level. I wanted to share this experience because I believe that mortality should be understood and talked about. It’s an important part of living life well.


6 thoughts on “Quote for today (minus frogs or toads) – May 2 2013

    1. Thank you Michele. My health has improved immensely since I posted the above piece on Friday morning, I can only put it down to all the positive messages and vibrations that I have been receiving from amazing people such as yourself. My appreciation is profound for having so many guardian angels šŸ™‚

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