Quote for today – May 9 2013

“Your experience will follow you concentration and belief expectation. The mind is a great discriminator. It can use its reasoning to bring about almost any possible experience within your framework.”

(Seth: The Magical Approach)

12 thoughts on “Quote for today – May 9 2013

    1. Agreed. Ultimately the choice of how your life unfolds is your own, whether you ‘choose’ to be aware of it or not. Many of us forget that we are that powerful all the time.

  1. Ishaiya, thank you so much for this quote today. My mind is in training to understand and make manifest the essential teachings of this message. You are always so wonderful, kind and generous. Heartfelt thanks to you. Michele

    1. Thank you for your kindness Michele, it’s always a pleasure to read your comments. It’s funny really because I’m always saying that time is an illusion of human perception, yet this kind of training does indeed take time, not because it needs to but because it often requires the correct context in order for it to make sense. From personal experience sometimes the realisation is immediate, or it can take years! Everything you do in life is important and valid to your personal growth, and everything happens when it is supposed to. Nothing is accidental. Much love and warmth to you,

      1. Ishaiya, every word you write opens my eyes. You’re a rare being — I’m sure you know that! I so appreciate your kindness. I come to your blog seeking warmth and sustenance (for my spirit) and I’m never turned away 🙂 Nothing is accidental and having been a seeker for so many years; finally, I’m in a position to say I’ve found some of the things I’ve been looking for… and am now able to give back multiplied. And yet I am still in training in order to fulfill my destiny and the agreement I made in this lifetime. Your blogs take me one step closer to finding my truth and my purpose. In deepest gratitude. Michele

      2. Thank you Michele, you too are a rare being. It isn’t often I meet others with whom I can share my thoughts with such ease and pleasure. You have my heart.

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