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The Daily Channel – Know Yourself

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The following is one of the very first pieces I ever consciously channelled. It began as an experiment to see if I could indeed be a channel myself without the need to go into deep trance as a number of authors who channelled certain personalities seemed to have to do. Personally I couldn’t understand the need, it seemed to me that they were trying very hard not to take responsibility for the knowledge that was obviously within them and was coming through them by whatever means (although I now wholeheartedly acknowledge and respect that everyone has their own ways of doing things. It’s about whatever works best). I had only just been introduced to the Seth books at that time, so my training in metaphysics proper had only just begun. I really didn’t expect very much at the age of 22 for my own efforts at being a ‘psychic channel’. I hadn’t yet developed the sense of self-trust that I now have (hard won I might add!).

I remember in those early days that I didn’t really  understand much of what I channelled, but it often resounded very strongly within me on some level so I knew that it was important and that one day it would make sense to me.

I was inspired to write a contract with myself by way of initiating myself on this path of self discovery, not believing for one minute that I would stick to it. I wasn’t really very good at that time at sticking to anything for very long. However, what I hadn’t realised was how tricky my inner-self could be, and the following piece as it unfolded left me feeling as though I had been out-foxed, by an obviously much wiser portion of myself no less!

As it turns out, it really is the only contract that I have ever been able to stick to with almost Jesuit-like fervour, and will be until the day that I decide to close this particular door in my existence. My intuitive self was right. That sly devil! 🙂

Dear Phillips,

this contract with yourself will be the most important one you will ever make, knowing that you will only keep to one, and this is to know yourself. With this in mind I leave you with the wisdom of life itself, as you know it not.

Contracts are one thing but love is another, so make this a contract of self-love and watch how you grow despite doubt.

Welcome us into your life though we have never left your side. Breathe us alive as we breathe you alive, and know that we will be with you as eternity knows its name. Make this not a contract of fear but of peace and unity. Look beyond the life that you have and listen to those of others.

Remembering is what you came here for.

This soul is on a journey who knows not its end, but who has a good idea where it wants to go. Home.


(Saturday 4th January 1997. The ‘Y’ signature stands for ‘You’)

I haven’t actually laid eyes on the contract that I made with myself for a considerable number of years now. Reading it again left me somewhat dumbstruck. However recently I have been reading one of many off-shoot Seth related books written by a friend and ex-student of Jane Roberts (who originally channelled the Seth personality). As I reached the end of the book, I found the following on the final page, a conversation between another of Jane’s ESP class students and Seth. As I read the last line my heart skipped several beats and I had one of those ‘awakening’ moments and a peculiar sense of deja-vu!

WARREN: “Seth?”

SETH: “My dear friend – one more time!”

WARREN: “All That Is knows of the portion of himself that is us. Is there…”

SETH: “All That Is does indeed know himself, or itself, and wakens to itself as you.”

WARREN: “Is there a part that sent us out, similar to All That Is, that knows each part of us that is?”

SETH: “There is indeed”

WARREN: “Is there any way that we can make ourselves aware of the portion that sent us?”

SETH: “There is indeed.”

WARREN: “What is it?”

SETH: “Know yourself.”

(Susan Watkins: Conversations  with Seth,  Moment Point Press, 2005)

“You are your best judge, and harshest critic. Listen to everything you have to say to yourself, because it is important and very relevant to who you are and who you will inevitably become. Think big, be creative and don’t shy away from the challenge of life no matter how steep the climb. Develop strong legs and find your way to the summit. There is a great view up there!”

Joseph 20:20:20

Love to all!

Ishaiya x


12 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Know Yourself

      1. We all have to begin somewhere I suppose, and where would be the fun in knowing everything about yourself anyway? I thought that was the point of life, to experience what it’s like to forget and not to know, so that you can enjoy finding out and remembering!

  1. Lady Isis, thank you! It’s beautiful and consistent with your wonder to share this contract today. The essential truth, the source is in a vibrational key that sets itself apart from imitations. “Remembering is what you came here for.” Since we had our respective ‘awakening’ moments how often have we heard that our purpose is to remember who we are! I shall ponder this message today asking a question about the nature of duality. Why there appears to be this cycle of remembering and forgetting; birth and rebirth. I say “appears to be…” because my eyes might be deceiving me 🙂 Where is memory? Love and blessings to you. mx

    1. You’re right M, the ‘essential truth’ you talk about is a feeling of irrefutable knowing that comes from deep within you. It’s a hard one to shake once you experience it. Like opening a floodgate of sudden awareness that changes you and the way you look at your life whether you want it to or not.
      You talk about the nature of duality, and the cycle of remembering and forgetting. It’s funny because I’ve been writing about this very subject over the past weekend. The way I intuitively understand it now is that physical waking perception requires a very particular and intense focus, rather like looking down the lens of a microscope. The more you zoom in the more elements you see, and thus the more separation you become aware of. However, the moment you relax your conscious focus, or zoom back out you begin to gain a fuller bigger picture where those seemingly separate elements become part of a unified entity. The separation is a trick of the lens, or a trick of the human eyes. Thus we cannot help but forget that we have the ability to see from a larger more all-encompassing perspective at this level of awareness. So all you have to do is change your focus of awareness, and then you begin to remember.
      As for where your memory is, well, you are memory in action and I will explain that too some time 🙂 Love and blessings to you to M
      Lady Isis (I love that even more!)

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