Quote for today – May 14 2013 – Seth Speaks

You usually think of your conscious mind as your ego. It is directed toward action in physical life. Many schools of thought seem to have the curious ideas that the ego is inferior to other portions of the self, or “selfish” , and imagine it to be definitely of a lower quality than the inner self, or the soul.

In the first place, it is really impossible to separate portions of the self, and we make such distinctions only in an effort to explain the many facets of the personality. It is generally understood, then, that you do have an ego, directed toward exterior activities, and in those terms you have an inner ego. It is also conscious, and is the director of all automatic interior activity.

Most people do not realise that they can indeed have access to this inner awareness.This inner ego or inner self should not be thought of as superior to your ordinary mind. It should not be thought of, really, as something separate from your ordinary mind. Your ego and your ordinary consciousness bring into focus all of your physical experiences, and make possible the brilliant preciseness of physical experience.

It is true that physical life represents only one condition of being. You have other kinds of existence, then. The conscious mind is one brilliant segment of your larger consciousness, but it is composed of the same universal energy and vitality that composes all consciousness. There are ways of communicating with the inner ago or inner self, however…It is important, again, to remember that this inner ego or inner self uses a process that is far swifter than reasoning.

When such communications are made, therefore, they often consist of inspiration, intuition, impulses, and deal with feeling far more than with usual logical thinking.

(Jane  Roberts,   A Seth Book: The way toward health,  Amber -Allen Publishing, 1997)


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