The Daily Channel – Vision

“I am here my friend. I’m holding your hand tight, and not letting go. I heard you calling so I came to see you, knowing that you would not be expecting me. But I told you long ago that I would always be here for you.

I feel your need to resolve your issues that your wear about you like a coat of heavy wool. I can see the mist in your eyes from shielding your vision from the raging winds. You left without saying goodbye, and I left without mention. But I keep my promise to you.

Take off your coat, come sit by me. Remember whence last we spoke and laughed and made jokes about the day that we would both meet again over toasted sandwiches and coffee. Remember the time we skipped along the beach like two children lost in our own little time capsule? I held your hand then, and I’m still not letting go.

Though you can’t see me, feel my fingers intertwined with yours and know that I am…not…letting…go.”

(A message from a lady named Zeeba)

Much love and hugs to all and have a great weekend. It’s my youngest son’s 3rd birthday tomorrow so it’s going to be busy. I know it’s not until Sunday, but if I don’t speak to you before then happy birthday John!

Ishaiya x


10 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Vision

    1. Thank you so much! This weekend is proving to be an awakening in many respects. Thank you for taking the time as always to pass by and stop to say hello. Enjoy the rest of your weekend too x

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