Seth on Counterparts

The following is an excerpt from the book I am currently reading called ‘Psychic Politics: An aspect psychology book’ by Jane Roberts who spoke for and channelled energy-personality-essence Seth. This book interestingly enough was being written/channelled as I had just come into the world almost 39 years ago. It never ceases to surprise me how current and relevant, indeed timeless the knowledge within these books is. The material presented here adds to my own information on perception that I have presented on this blog in the last few days.

Most of the books I read these days are Seth related. I find they help me focus and clarify my mind, almost like pressing a reset button. It represents a very pure form of knowledge for me, perhaps not for all, but for me it works well.

A note to Birchpoet: this is the ‘quote’ that I spoke about as we were talking of synchronicity. I hope you enjoy it my dear friend.

” …The people living within any given century are related in terms of consciousness and identity. This is true biologically and spiritually.

Each identity has free will and chooses its environment as a physical stance in space and time. Those involved in a given century are working on particular problems and challenges. Various races do not simply ‘happen’, and diverse cultures do not just appear. The greater self ‘divides’ itself, materializing in flesh as several individuals, with entirely different backgrounds, yet each embarked upon the same kind of creative challenge.

Each will choose his or her own framework according to the intents of the consciousness of which each of you is an independent part. In such a fashion…the challenges and opportunities inherent in a given time [are] worked out.

You are counterparts of yourselves, but as Ruburt would say, living ‘eccentric’ counterparts, each with your own abilities.”

(Ibid., Prentice Hall Press, 1987)

My personal understanding of this excerpt is that at a more all-encompassing level of awareness we are all part of a unified being, or form of energy if you like. Only when you narrow and intensify the focus of conscious awareness do you then begin to perceive that whole as a collection of separate consciousnesses, or beings – people. What seems to be very evident to me from my own experience, and what Seth is explaining here is that certain patterns of frequencies of thought tend to naturally attract and pool together so that social issues, and creative endeavours at all levels can be worked out and enacted.

I believe this to be true of the people who I know I attract into my life and am attracted to, those with whom I become friends for however brief or extended a time that may be. It adds credence, for me at least,that there are no coincidences, and that the people and situations I encounter are all connected to me in some way and for good reason, and I don’t mean that in just a spiritual sense. I don’t make friends by accident or by chance. Every one I meet shares a part of my own history in some way, and adds to the story of my life in manifold ways. There have been far too many ‘bizarre coincidences’ in my life to refute this anymore. So if you have come this far to find me on this blog, and to these words then that means you. And I thank you for coming.

Blessings and love



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