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“Man began not as an ape but as a thought form. Inherent within his make-up was a blueprint of the soul that was his life source and impetus to creativity. Imaginings had wings as birds now do; and man’s first words were angelic whispers that permeated every living thing with their breath.

This was how it was meant to be; and this is how it was for millions of years before the antecedents to modern man wrought havoc upon the Earth and himself.

Man is not inherently evil, just very different from the original plan. Is it any wonder that he cannot easily grasp his own nature?

Perhaps there is more a sense of promise by staying in the dark.”

(Unknown entity channeled 10/07/2002)

The Beginning


‘Energy trips the light fantastic and we all breathe a sigh of relief. There are wondrous things ‘out there’ too numerous to count, and too complete to experience as the aliens that we are. There are beginnings and there are endings, and this is one of many stories. Right now you are here and now. Feel the earth beneath your feet and smell the raindrops at your fingertips. A journey you began aeons ago is now coming to its end.’ (Phillips, 2002 – DR 9th July, London)

In the beginning there is me, and only me. I am at the centre of my own personal experience and the reality that I perceive from any given focus. That I am the same from one moment to the next is a gross misunderstanding of what life is about. To answer a question I posed myself at the time that the above quote was channelled and written, what lies in between life and death is a story. Stories are the very foundations of humanity and our peculiar perception of its existence. But in order to tell a story one needs time and time is a strange beast indeed and of its nature it is a human construct even though it may have its foundations on a much more profound level than is humanly perceived.

Time is characteristic of physical human reality and it measures the way in which we choose to perceive life, in a linear, A to B manner.  Yet measuring time is more difficult and based on individual perception. We might use a watch to measure time, yet the watch itself relies on your ability to look at it and read it. Time is much harder to measure within the scope of thoughts, memories and emotions. Life would seem to be a series of moments strung together by our ability to perceive one moment to the next. However, quantifying a ‘moment’ is near enough impossible. It is very difficult indeed to say when one moment begins and ends. It would perhaps be easier to describe it in terms of a focussed intensity. Our lives are full of moments, yet we only recall the ones that have an impact on us and that are relevant to us.

Beginnings and endings are terms that aid reflection, allowing us to pinpoint gestalts of intense focus.


14 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Blueprint

    1. Have you learned nothing Mr.Zande from all my posts? I deal in metaphysics. Thought as far as I’m concerned precedes the physical. Besides this was a channelled piece, so it is what it is. You have read Seth so you know where I’m coming from essentially.

      1. I don’t know, I think the meat you’re looking for lies within your own perception of things and whether you choose to notice it or not. Just like your ability to appear the moment I sit down at the Mac, that to me is an example of the instantaneous nature of thought. As I said before you have done this frequently even if you have not necessarily been aware of it. Some of the portraits I’ve ‘channelled’ or information I have intuited have often panned out with ‘real world’ evidence when I’ve done the research. That to me is validation enough, not to mention the countless other events and circumstances that defy any notion of coincidence. But then I choose to see it and look for it. Your life ultimately from a metaphysical point of view is what you believe it is, and the evidence will always follow to prove that your viewpoint is correct.

        I’m not asking anyone to believe in what I believe in with my blogs, just entertain new ways of thinking. What you do with it thereafter is your affair. I’m pleased if you get anything out of it.

        This book will be published when I find the time to write it, but it’s a biggie and I’m a long way off completion.

      2. I’m considered ‘mad’ anyway by popular thought so I have nothing to lose 🙂 I like our uncanny connection even if you don’t notice – then again maybe you do!

  1. Ishaiya, time is a difficult thing to talk about. We talk about it everyday, we can conceive of it and many people see it to be a linear element and then we are told it is more complex than that.
    Have you read Kant’s critique of pure reason? He has an interesting topic on time and space. You could look at it when you got time.

    1. Thanks for reading Mak and thank you for your comments. Time is a very abstract concept that I think has been hyper-mythologised by popular culture. Time in its purest form, in terms of how you personally relate to it is something entirely different and does not operate in a linear fashion at all. All anyone has to do is examine their own perception of it for themselves, as I have done.
      I shall look up Kant when I get a chance. Thank you for that reference. I hope the day is treating you well my friend.

      1. Thank you Mak. I think it’s important to treat people with the intelligence they deserve by being clear and succinct. I have no interest in excluding anyone, all are welcome to share in my thoughts if they wish to do so.
        I would like to borrow some of your sunshine, it’s been raining heavily here.

  2. Wonderful thoughts and reflection. Humans have the ability to choose what is good and follow the right path of humanity. Unfortunately, humans are given the gift of choices as well and we know for a fact, so many opted to chose to cause harm and create evil around them. Something we see from the past and the present.

    1. This unfortunately is true, but I think the whole issue of right and wrong is a very complex one and is a very personal interpretation at that. My ethos in life is to promote as much good feeling and positive intent as possible in everything I do. It isn’t always possible and doesn’t work for everyone and in all occasions, but you can only do your best.

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