Intuitive Portraits – Weekly Challenge #1 – Vladikov

'Vladikov'  - Copyright Maria Phillips 2013
‘Vladikov’ – Copyright Maria Phillips 2013

This is drawing #1 of my own created weekly challenge to produce a piece of intuitive portrait art, by way of encouraging myself to practise art more regularly again.

The idea was to also include a short story about the person in the picture if it came to me. However, all I have right now is a name ‘Vladikov’, and a sense that this man is Greek-Russian. He seems to be very much at peace with his lot in life, though not without some feelings of regret. I don’t always have a strong connection with the personalities that I draw, hence why I’m getting very little information from him at the moment. As with all my drawings, this is a work in progress and I will continue to fiddle about with it and add to the background scenery. For two short day’s work however, I am very pleased with the result.

You can see him here standing on the easel in my studio/workshop.

Vladikov - Copyright Maria Phillips 2013
Vladikov – Copyright Maria Phillips 2013

I used a combination of graphite sticks, charcoal pencil and a putty rubber to create the tonal differences.

I also like the reflection of a person standing to Vladikov’s side which is just about visible in the metal hip-flask that he is holding in his exposed hand.

'Vladikov' Copyright Maria Phillips 2013
‘Vladikov’ Copyright Maria Phillips 2013

17 thoughts on “Intuitive Portraits – Weekly Challenge #1 – Vladikov

  1. What a wonderful sketch, Ishaiya! I’m glad you added the zoomed view, I had thought he was drawing a knife when I first looked, which gives it an entirely different meaning and impression.
    Amazing perspective and detail, and the reflection is quite intriguing. Magical work.

    1. I wasn’t really quite sure what he was holding, it changed from the outset to where the drawing is now. Still a work in progress and I’m sure it’ll become clear, or not! 🙂
      Thank you for your lovely comments, and for the choice in name 🙂

      1. I like the idea of a flask better, if only because of the emotional look on the face reflected, and the fact that I prefer fluffy bunnies to grim reapers, but realize they both exist on this earthly plane.

        I’m looking forward to your further progress-these sketches are so very intriguing-what a talent…

      2. Thank you Paul, I’ve missed doing them. I see the faces regardless everywhere I go, but it’s nice to record some of them with pencil again.
        He is certainly an intriguing character and one I feel I may have drawn before from another angle. Some subjects return frequently I’ve realised, and it’s certainly nice to see familiar faces.

      1. Or you can just go to my page. The rules are listed in that last post. I should mention that it takes a while to complete the rules – please feel no pressure! I just wanted you to know that you’re appreciated.

      2. I’ve found the link now. I like the way you did the nominations. I wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it when I received my first award because I didn’t want to exclude anyone, but I think you have the right idea. Thanks Devan x

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