Thank you for the Sunshine and Versatile Blogger Awards!


I feel very privileged once again to be nominated for two awards this time by a wonderful blogger by the name of Devan at , whose beautiful poetry is an absolute inspiration.

I know I expressed my concern with my previous award on my other blog about not wanting to nominate just a few bloggers out of the many that add richness to my life here on WP, but I’m going to do it anyway. If you’re not on my list, know that I still appreciate and love you just as much 😉

I also understand that some of my nominees may not wish to accept these awards, and that’s fine. I just want everyone to know that I think you are marvellous and that I appreciate your wonderful support!


The Rules

Post the logo above

Accept the nomination and link back to the blog that nominated you

Answer the questions

Nominate blogs and inform them of the nomination



Favorite color:  That’s a really tough one! However, I do love the colour green, particularly deep emerald-green.

Favorite animal: Cat.

Favorite number: The number seven is special for me, if only because I see it as a very beautiful shade of purple.

Favorite (non-alcoholic) drink: Coffee!!!:)

Favorite (alcoholic drink):  Beer (Ale in particular)

Facebook or Twitter: I only use these sites for advertising my blogs, but I prefer to use WP.

My passions:  I have many as you may have guessed, but my first loves are writing, drawing/painting, and singing.

Giving or receiving gifts: Most definitely giving!

Favorite city: Venice without a doubt.

Favorite TV show:  Bones



Post the logo above

Accept the nomination and link back to the blog that nominated you

Share seven things about yourself

Nominate blogs and inform them of the nomination

Seven random facts about me!

  1. I am a night owl.
  2. I love cooking amazingly tasty food.
  3. I am a Synaesthete.
  4. I am driven.
  5. I can play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata with my eyes closed.
  6. I wanted to be a dancer when I was young.
  7. I walked 650 miles across the north of Spain when I was 25.

Congratulations to all of the nominees!  Please pass on these awards to other blogs that you love as you wish:)!

Warmth and hugs to all!



18 thoughts on “Thank you for the Sunshine and Versatile Blogger Awards!

    1. It took me 29 days in total, and actually it was probably closer to 700 miles. I followed the Pilgrims Way that leads from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela, except I kept on walking to the Atlantic Coast which is apparently the true end of the pilgrimage. I’d wanted to walk across Spain from the age of 16, and originally had intended to do it from north to south, however things didn’t work out that way.

  1. Thank you, Ishaiya. I will get around to answering and re-blogging, but can’t promise when, it’s just a busy hectic time here, with summer pouncing on us so suddenly…seeds that don’t plant themselves and such. My garden will be sparse this year, but will look forward to the natural bounty of those that do indeed plant themselves. 🙂

    Much love to you my friend, and thank you. I’m very happy that people are recognizing your talent and creative abilities.

    1. That’s fine, I’m just going through the motions with the award rules. I don’t really expect anyone to follow them necessarily, as I don’t overly agree with the awards. Of course it’s a wonderful compliment, but I prefer to give my appreciation when it seems appropriate. 🙂

      1. As thoughtful as the awards are it’s a little gratuitous. When you care about people’s integrity including your own it feels a little out of place. I’ve gone through with it just this once, but that’s it for me. Not that I’m ungrateful.

  2. Beethovan’s Moonlight with eyes closed – that is something 🙂

    Congratulations, Ishaiya, on landing these awards and thank you also for passing them my way.

    I’m really not into awards – though I was in the initial stages – but accept your nominations with gratitude. Shall post them in my page.

    All good wishes,

    1. Yes, when you’ve played a piece a music possibly hundreds of times your hands don’t need your eyes to help them play a piano anymore! 🙂

      You are very gracious in accepting the awards, however it was the sentiment I was wishing to pass on as I really wasn’t expecting anyone to participate, just because I find it a wee bit unnecessary and I think that is a mutual sentiment amongst many of us. But I am grateful to Devan for passing them on to me.
      Likely this will be my only dalliance with these awards here on WP.

      Blessings to Eric

  3. Thank you Ishaiya. It is my first nomination so i m extremely thrilled. I m gonna be nominating a few people and re-blogging it i hope i get it right. I m not sure about how i link it back to you but i am kind of hoping I end up doint it right 🙂 Thank you so much for the nomination and I really do appreciate it. Love your blog and shall continue to visit it now and then and read some wonderful stuffs. God bless you 🙂

  4. Lady Isis, thank you again for the nomination and I’m honoured to have made it onto your list 🙂 Whenever I’m in need of a ‘chat’ with an enlightened being I come here for a visit. Everything you say resonates for days and days… I need to build a time capsule with your name on it!!! I’m so looking forward to meeting up with you. So far, this week has been a little challenging — dealing with endings and forks in the road. By the way, it was fun to read about a few of your favourite things 🙂 Much love Michele

    1. I’m honoured to have you as a friend Michele. We shall meet when it is the right time for us both. I’m sorry if it’s been a trying week for you, but I always see endings as a way of freeing yourself to explore new possibilities no matter how difficult the transition. The difficulty lies in the adjustment to new circumstances. Just know that on some level you were ready for it, but I sense that you know that anyway. Far be it from me to teach such a wise and enlightened person as yourself to suck eggs! 🙂
      Much love and hugs to you

      Lady Isis x

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