The Daily Channel – Compulsion

Q'andasar - Unfinished sketch

“There is time yet for you to comprehend your sense of being. Even though at times you doubt your very nature, there are ways of reminding yourself that your life is not arbitrary nor accidental. You only need to return to what you love. Find your passion and be at one with it.

There are few ways to express the inner sense of peace of which I speak, and at times the language may be allegorical. But it is only a form of expression to which you apply your own meaning. It will not rob you of your soul if you organise and express your words in a way that you deem unfamiliar or arbitrary, or at worst full of fantasy,pomp, or even danger. Your soul, your sense of being will remain intact. No thing and no one can alter your sense of integrity, that alone is your choice.

Do not mask your ability to see further than you have allowed yourself thus far in your short but intense life, even though you may feel aged, past being able to change, no longer in need of following big aspirations. There is no bigger aspiration than your will to live, and to live well. Do not chide yourself for not having been able to untangle yourself from the threads of your own self-created reality. The tangle that you believe yourself to be in, the tangle that is the web of your physical existence, is no tangle at all. You are free to move as you will, within your mind, and within your temporal space just as you did when you were a child.

Think to a time when you felt truly alive, full of energy and exuberance, feel the adrenaline coursing through your body and remember how present you were, completely focussed in that moment, unaware of all else that was occurring about you. You were larger than life, and your internal and external states operating as one at that moment were all that concerned you. In remembering and creating such moments you create a greater network of experience to which you can access throughout your life; you physiologically change the way you manifest the reality that you call your own. Such moments/memories/experiences create echoes or vibrations through your  physical existence, and you purposely recreate versions of those echoes enmeshing them together to create the greater sense of memory that you have of your linear existence, or the particular time-line that you think of as your own.

Within the seed of such intense experiences/memories lies your personal potential to live your life with the quality to which you aspire. Your passion, motivation and drive grow from those seeds and compel you to seek out and experience your life in the most fulfilling ways possible.  In order to find fulfilment and to untangle yourself from your illusory web, you would do well to follow your compulsions, your impulses, allowing them to unfold and thus lead you to the source of your inexhaustible inner energy which courses through you, and out into your version of reality. Even the most seemingly insignificant of impulses can lead you on a path of discovery and remembering that can be most energising and revitalising, and thus trigger your inexhaustible creativity and passion.”



12 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Compulsion

    1. It was sketch I began but didn’t complete some years ago when I began my journey channelling spirit entities, perhaps you’ve seen some of my others recently?
      The eye’s are tricky for sure, and they don’t always appear to me, and I have to try and draw them from memory. Just yesterday I was learning a few simple tricks to help me get the positioning and size right. Maybe I’ll publish a post on it 🙂


    1. Good morning to you my friend! This piece was and still is intended for all those that come across it. Although as ever when I channel such pieces I will often have a specific audience in mind, and you were one of its members as was our mutual friend John among others. I’m very pleased that it spoke directly to you, thank you for helping me to focus my energies and for reading.

  1. Wow. This is a much needed post. Especially now…something I will spend some time on today…because the challenge at hand is…a struggle to avoid the waters of where possibility mets death (of the spirit).


    1. That sounds intriguing. I wish all the best of luck in that case, and sending you my love and support as we speak. Thank you for your support too in appreciating what I do 🙂 xo

      1. Thank-you, I think your suggestion here is. I don’t think I’ve reached back to remember the good for a bit. I receive your love and support Ishaiya and am there as one for you as well.

        I hope in better financial times to be able to treat myself to one of your works. The eye — is that a pin?

      2. Aw bless you T. Well you have my love and support anyway for the coming weeks, and for as long as you need it 🙂
        Maybe I’ll send you something as a gift if there is something in particular that you like. God knows I’m never going to sell any of it through Etsy! lol

        The eye is now part of a necklace – check it out on my jewellery blog
        I finished it two days ago.

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