Intuitive Portraits – Weekly Challenge #2 – Maru

'Maru' - Spirit PortraitThis week’s challenge has indeed been challenging as I have spent so much time trying to get the eyes right on the young woman. Usually when I do an intuitive portrait I sketch what I see in front of me in the patterns of the paper and graphite, and most of the features are present or become present as I sketch. However, now again the eyes are not so clearly defined and I have to work it out on a more conscious level. It’s a lengthier process in short! 🙂

This is an unfinished sketch in that I began with the figure of the nun in the background and her surrounds, then all of a sudden saw the face of the young novice nun looking out in the foreground, so I’ve focussed much of the week on rendering her. I love the expression of abject boredom on the young woman’s face who I shall call ‘Maru’, and the stern disapproving presence of the Matron behind her. I get the impression they are inside a church or cathedral, panelling is just visible in the far background, and a procession of other figures.

Unfortunately this drawing will have to take a back-seat for a while as I will be working on an actual commission this week for another intuitive portrait!

Yes I’ve made my first art sale! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Intuitive Portraits – Weekly Challenge #2 – Maru

    1. Thank you my friend. I hope your’s is already a fine day, mine is slow to begin having been woken up very early by my sons! But the sun is shining and the skies are blue, always a good start.
      Yes I hope too that more commissions will come my way. Thank you for stopping by and saying hi.

  1. Your drawing is incredibly beautiful. The novice nun has a very fresh feel about her. She’s lived in the ‘real’ world and has now retreated to do the great work. However, by her side, is the knowledge of what she has seen and heard. How does she reconcile the two worlds? This is what I see captured in her expression. You never cease to amaze me, Lady Isis 🙂 And I’d like to add my congratulations on your commission. All best wishes. Michele x

    1. Thank you so much for your insight Michele. I was hoping that someone would contribute a story to my portraits. I’m not always privy to the messages of the people I draw. Some speak loudly and clearly, others remain silent and speak only when the right person is listening. The last two portraits have been this way, where I have only got a name. Perhaps part of the process of my posting them here is so that others can engage with them and contribute. I’m just the messenger it would seem 🙂
      I love producing these portraits, they are an absolute pleasure for me, and an even greater pleasure to share them.
      Much love and blessings
      Lady Isis x

      1. Your portrait touched me deeply — and, in the way that you draw, your intuitive drawings evoke a strong memory of the incredible paintings I saw in the churches in Rome. Lady Isis, you are more than just the messenger! Moreover, you are a Bringer of Light and Beauty. Much love and blessings, Michele x

      2. You say such beautiful things Michele that I hardly know how to respond, except to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation of your own deep wisdom and insight, and how fortunate I feel to be sharing this moment with you for as long as it may last.
        My heartfelt blessings to you
        Lady Isis x

      3. Ah… it is my turn to be lost for words (again!) Thank you so much for your deep appreciation. I feel the same way about you. You have the magic to open a new window in my soul. Love and heartfelt blessings to you. Michele x

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