The Sea and Me

Interspersed between waves of nauseating irritation I feel undulations of love passing my way like a gentle breeze blowing warmth over my cold, stubborn heart. And I’m touched by sorrow and happiness all at once. Such a fine line; I’m … Continue reading The Sea and Me

Snapshot stories – The Ineffable Mr. Andrews (part two)

I see you here and I’m counting the minutes, tick-tock, tick-tock. I know I’ve got you in the palm of my hand as always, but I never know which way you’re going to go. I want to talk to you about stuff, but I never know how to approach you without making it sound like I’m chatting you up, or something. I’m a bit sheepish and dog-eared like that. I’m busy but I want to stop and chat, find out what you’ve been doing with your day. Married people do that, but we’re not married! I don’t even really know what you look … Continue reading Snapshot stories – The Ineffable Mr. Andrews (part two)