6 thoughts on “Ish’s Channelled Memes – What came first, the Ego or the Soul?

    1. I had to think about it myself too, I don’t always make sense of what I channel first off. You have the contradiction between the subjective nature of the ego, and the objectified status of the soul as it is culturally understood – people often talk about it as if it is something separate to the physical body. So ‘the ego is not the vessel of the soul’ in that regard. The definition of a soul however is highly subjective, so to objectify it is a contradiction.
      To me this says they are both one and the same thing, so where really is the differentiation?
      I could be clutching at straws here. But I think we all have some notion of either concept.

      1. That’s the question, isn’t it. I do however think consciousness is simply the brain sensing its own activity… a sort of feed-back (or echo) which might have been a neural mutation.

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