How Thick is My Arm?

I’m cross-blogging this one just for your entertainment. I understand some of you will get this twice if you follow both my blogs, but there you are, you can read it twice! ;D

Diary of a Person Being Human

I can handle sarcasm by the bucket load.  In fact I revel in the linguistic nuances that allows the english language to be as ambiguous as it is, you can be as clever and playful as you like without giving anything away. English is a very psychological language in that regard, in that it requires a lot of brain work and word wizardry to both decipher and to reach a mutually understandable consensus. Unlike German for example which is very grammatically specific in its construction (great for legal documents), leaving very little room for semantic deviation. I am not implying however that just because German is less grammatically flexible that the Germans do not thus have a sense of humour. I know for a fact that some do. Of course it isn’t just language that fuels humour and specifically the use of sarcasm, but also social and cultural reference…

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