Intuitive Portraits – Weekly Challenge #4 – Hans-Kristian

Original Artwork and Image Copyright Maria Phillips 2013
Original Artwork and Image Copyright Maria Phillips 2013


This week I am presenting the Spirit Portrait that I was commissioned to do recently. Meet Hans-Kristian, a very gentle and noble soul who was an absolute pleasure to draw. Rendered with my usual graphite and charcoal on A3 cartridge paper, using a technique whereby I remove tone with a putty-rubber to create the form through light, before adding tonal detail. It is the opposite to how many of us learn to draw in beginning with an outline. This method is closer to how the human eye perceives tones of light and dark.

Out of respect for my client I shall not divulge any history for this fellow, but hope that you will enjoy his energy as much I do.

I am also including here the wonderful feedback that my client left for me at my Etsy shop.


I am absolutely floored by the portrait Maria drew of my ancestor! It was stunning! She brought him to life with her talent and the messages she gave me warmed my heart. I could not have been happier with this print. Maria’s gift is incredible and I am so happy that I came across her shop. I recommend her wholeheartedly. This was an amazing experience that I will never forget. It truly left an incredible impression on my life 🙂 Thank you so very much!


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      1. Descartes for one, amongst a few others. Apparently Da Vinci’s ability to write backward is an indicator that he was not only left-handed but dyslexic. Dyslexia and creative genius do seem to go hand in hand.

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