A Message From Q’andasar – June 17 2013

Your experience follows the expectation of your beliefs. You are what you think you are, and your life is what you expect it to be. Change your expectations and you change your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you change everything. Your life will always faithfully mirror your beliefs. Every time you change, or your life changes it is because you have changed what you expect to find. Nobody is themselves forever. With each new moment there is a new you, with new inner eyes to see new things. Take a good look at the mirror that is your life and see your own eyes looking back at you, and embrace and forgive the pain. Embrace and rejoice in the love. Embrace and engage with the world fully and with long strides.



25 thoughts on “A Message From Q’andasar – June 17 2013

  1. very true! when people say..think positive..they have no idea this is the only way to be. Your mind is so much more powerful than most know. In everything, even little stuff, like always saying you are healthy, even if you are physically sick, you must say and confirm you are healthy and getting healthier, and your mind will heal you. I think this must be how some of the healers who have traveled around miraculously healing people really do heal. The mind truly believes this person can heal them, thus their mind takes over and sets in motion the healing it needs. Or they are possibly miracles. But I think if you believe stongly enough in your God, He will heal you without a middle man! lol And I think if you learn to control your own mind through meditation, the chakra’s, etc., you can keep your body from ever becoming ill. 🙂 just one example, there are many others.

    1. You must have been picking up on what I was reading last night, it was all about how the mind heals. Nice to meet someone who get’s it in the way that you do. Thought is everything, it our greatest power because it contains divine energy.
      Thank you for sharing your invaluable thoughts Shards, you are always welcome here.

      1. Care to swap?

        Dammit, you’ve just given me an idea—I’ll leave out a mug of coffee and a large tot of rum, see which goes first …

      2. Sorr-eeee~!

        Did have, the old bugger scuppered it. Now we know, rum has priority (he used the coffee as a chaser).

      3. Now I have to break in a whole new Sage. How’m I ever gonna explain this to The Spouse?

        Anyway, what are you doing still up at this hour?

  2. Our life is how we make it. Every journey taken, every footstep we left behind, every heart we touched….every laughter and tear…they are just a few of the many beautiful gifts of life. Wonderful post!

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