Burgeoning Atavism

Double-blogging again!

Diary of a Person Being Human

It’s getting to that time of that year (yes once a year only) when I really need to get away from being someone’s somebody. I need to go and be me and nothing but me for a while. Selfish? Hardly. That’s the thing when you have children they absorb every last drop of selfishness in your living breathing corpse, so that you become a shadow of your former single self. Up until you  have children, you are still single as far as I’m concerned even if you are in a committed relationship. You can afford to be selfish and take off at a moment’s notice, or pull a sickie from work. Parenthood, particularly motherhood does not allow you to do that, and if like me you don’t have the support of family and friends around you to baby-sit the children regularly, then you’re a bit stuffed. Beholden to being the…

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