Seth Speaks – Thought Processes

Reading the Seth books I have always found to be an education in thinking, and I firmly believe that it should be standard reading for everybody. But as the energy-personality-essence himself said through the auspices of Jane Roberts who channelled the entity known as Seth, that his words would find their way to those who were ready to hear them, or words to that effect. So it is that I will keep posting excerpts from the almost complete collection of the Seth material that I have acquired over the course of the last 17 years. I think it’s important and healthy to challenge perception, it’s what keeps the creative person within us alive.

“…[M]an deals with a kind of dual selfhood, in that he presently thinks of himself as an uneasy blend of body and mind. He identifies primarily with what I call a limited portion of his consciousness. That portion he equates with mind or intelligence. He identifies with events over which he is aware of having some control.

“Man thinks of acts, for example, and acting and doing, but he does not identify himself with those inner processes that make acting and doing possible. He identifies with what he thinks of as his logical thought, and the abilities of reasoning. These seem to suggest that he possesses an elegant, cool separation from nature, that the animals for example do not. He does not identify, again, with the processes that make his logical thinking possible. Those processes are spontaneous and ‘unconscious’, so it appears that anything outside of his conscious control must be undisciplined or chaotic, and lacking in all logic.

“Both religion and science are based upon such beliefs. Anything that happens spontaneously is looked upon with suspicion. The word seems to suggest elements out of control, or motion that goes from one extreme to another. Only the reasoning mind, it seems, has any idea of order, discipline, or control.

“Man is therefore set against his nature in his own mind, and he thinks he must control it. The fact is that man’s consciousness can indeed become aware of – aware of – those spontaneous processes. But he himself has largely closed the door of comprehension, so that he only identifies with what he thinks of as his rational mind, and tries to forget as best he can those spontaneous processes upon which the mind rides so triumphantly.

“He has become frightened of his own creativity, then, since he has not trusted its source.”

(A Seth Book: The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, p.198-99, Jane Roberts, Amber-Allen Publishing, 1995)

If you want to learn more about the Seth Books or Seth related material you can visit  The Seth Learning Center, where you can purchase books or other material directly, also book workshops and seminars.


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      1. It did from my end, in fact your response couldn’t have been better timed given the circumstances. You don’t always respond either, and I’m not constantly at my computer. I was attempting an experiment and it worked, however yours is not the only face that popped up in response 😉

      2. I think there were a few different kinds, but the one i am thinking off was a series of horrendous experiments conducted in the 50’s or 60’s where monkeys were placed in little more than a tube for months. They could hardly move, had no light, no contact…. they quite literally went insane. It was torture.

      3. There you are, then you have no grounds for saying that my experiment didn’t work. Like I have no grounds to suspect that you are sound of mind. I make the assumption that you are because I like you (and you are good fun to play with) ;D

      4. Quite.
        I’m happy to discuss anything with you my friend as you well know. If and when you find the time and the interest to do so, you know where to find me. Comedy sniping aside.

    1. I have missed your presence on my blog Michele. I hope your open day was a brilliant success, and apologies again for not being able to attend. Your friendship and input are always deeply appreciated.
      Have a wonderful week. Blessings to you
      Lady Isis

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