Weekly Photo Challenge – Through Your (My) Eyes

Santiago de Compostela


This week’s challenge: Through your eyes.

I ask myself how photography is anything but a representation of how you perceive a moment in time? For me photography is about telling a story, even if that story is only relevant to a specific few. However, having said that I do like to have the images I capture to have wide appeal, that to me is the artistry within it. Like the image above, I wanted to capture the brilliance and the heat of the sunshine as I turned the corner from the cool shadowed narrow alley-way. The sense of anticipation of what I might discover under the veil of sunlight. In many ways this image represents my own journey through life, and my curiosity in making new discoveries. I love the twists and turns down the labyrinthine streets of the conscious mind and human experience.


20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Through Your (My) Eyes

      1. I ask, because I have a photograph taken in Portugal from the top of the street looking down that looks similar.
        But then Portugal was once part of Spain so the architecture etc is bound to be similar in some respects.

      2. Well Galicia sits on top of Portugal so I guess the architecture is going to be very similar. Also the Galician language and Portuguese share the same roots.

  1. If I may be so bold…Give this a listen and if it doesn’t make your eyes water then I don’t know …
    It is exquisite. How anyone could write music so beautiful and interpret it like this is beyond me.

    1. Ah… so beautiful. Bought and downloaded from itunes. Musicians with the ability to speak through their instruments in that way are few and far between. It does indeed bring a tear to the eye. Very moving. Thank you Ark for gracing my afternoon in with such class.

      1. Am about to go to bed. I had a great day though, went for a ballet performance with some friends in the afternoon, while in the morning we had gone to see some mamas who run a shop in one of the slums and am enjoying reading 2 books at the moment.
        How are you doing?

      2. Sounds like you had a fabulous day indeed. I’m good thank you, it’s been an interesting day. Nice to take a break from the busy week. Sleep well my friend πŸ™‚

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