Snapshot Stories – Cardboard Cut-out

If you’re going to throw a rock at me make sure you aim well. Be sure that I won’t catch it and throw it right back at you. Make sure you aim well and that you knock me from my high perch like a tin-can sitting on a fence.

Take off your mask and show everyone your face so that your anonymity does not fail you, tell them your name, and be sure that you know before you pull back your arm, with the weight of that solid object gripped tight in your hand that as you swing, you commit. You enter into an agreement that you cannot rescind.

It doesn’t matter to me, keep your mask on. I seeย  who you are with crystal clarity. I have God as my witness, my God, the God of me. There is nothing you can do that I won’t notice, or feel within my own body as if I were you.

I see you standing before me with my human eyes, bent on anger and suppressed rage accumulated from a wealth of life and experience that provides you with the distorted saintly mask that you now wear to hide your sullen, broken face that bears a down-turned scar across it; a mouth that would utter words of platitude clothed in fancy words that belie your true demeanour, your true intent. I see with my Godly eyes the ire that now stands tall before me like a sentinel ready to rain vengeance down upon me like a monsoon tide, desperate for the brief release that it will bring, sating your carnal desire to feel alive and virile, and to smash my face in.

Think carefully before you bridge the gap between you and me, with the swiftness of a bullet hunting its prey. In your targets I stand ready to bear the force of your condemnation. Look carefully my friend, and see who stands before you. Narrow your eyes and focus on the outline of my blackened form. I wear no mask, yet you cannot see me, your focus not on who I am but on whom you wish me to be.

In the dimming light I see recognition in your partially obscured eyes, I feel that you understand who and what I am. But you have not come far enough yet, step closer, lessen your grip on your fear and face me as your God would intend. I would whisper in your ear if you dare come close enough, whisper what I have already sown like a seed within your core. I shall say only one thing “Parousia”.

I’m coming to get you.


14 thoughts on “Snapshot Stories – Cardboard Cut-out

  1. I just came here — barely have crossed the threshold of your abode and walked in, yet, I feel something very familiar awaits me inside your ‘home’.

    The profundity of this post has evoked more than mere surface of the mind — and those certain pulses in the heart, which are given certain “cognitive abilities”, have been stirred as well. Had I read this four ‘suns ago’, I would have thought you had stolen thoughts from my mind while they were been birthed… but into silence.

    Ishaiya, I am so moved by your words and their utter truth. How rightly you say, the God within ourselves. Despite knowing so, this farcical “I” and “You” still pick up stones and aim, almost always at those we know are holding up a mirror to our face, showing us our own in them — a face we fail to show being too fearful of accepting what we want to ‘be’ yet too scarred and scared to ‘become’. Hence, the masks, facades and masquerades. Forgive me, that my fingers are too loquacious here. It’s just that, your words have slashed at the heart, too closely. Indeed, “be sure that I wonโ€™t catch it and throw it right back at you.” I salute these words of an action I know neither you nor I would ever perform — instead, simply “whisper”.

    Ishaiya, I am so thankful that you crossed my path. And as grateful that I am here.
    A place I know I shall venture a lot from now.
    Only now, I see how right I was to say that this world needs people like you.
    Stay blessed, always!

    1. Your honour me with your words of deep sincerity and clarity. I am so very pleased that this piece spoke to you as was intended, from the viewpoint of self-recognition and self-love. So many as yet do not see that their world reflects them so beautifully, even if they do not like what they see. It was a hard lesson for me to learn on my own path, and ever learning. But I know as I know that you know, that we begin with ourselves, looking within to change what ails us. Only when we address ourselves with kindness can then the rest of our world begin mirror it.
      My door shall always remain open to you, you have no need to knock, just enter…I will be waiting with refreshments [smiles]
      Thank you again for taking the time to explore my world a little, it brings me much joy. The world needs people like you too.

      Blessings and peace to you!

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