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Forgiveness is not a thing that most people adhere to. It is something that when said in passing is meant to have more impact than it does. We feel at a loss when someone tells us that we have been forgiven, because up until that point we were familiar and at ease with our guilt. Some think that forgiving is painless, but the loss of the safety net is like a cloud creeping over ready to shower upon you with sorrowful loss.

It need not be this way. Take for example the alienation that many feel when for the first time they are invited to sit with a stranger and talk about subjects that are of an intimate nature, and by this I do not simply mean pleasures of the body, but subjects that are perhaps held close to the chest and not generally shared outside of personal circles. After formalities are expressed and common ground established it becomes easier to invest trust and thus open up and talk of such things, making the transition from safety to new ground much smoother.

(Wilfred, 1971)

The mirror that we hold up in front of ourselves is the antithesis to how we normally perceive ourselves. The mirror image in its own reality sphere is reacting to its own version of events seen from its own perspective. Although to that probable self the you standing before the mirror may be an imaginary person in an imaginary scenario within the mind of your mirror image self. That self is not you, nor is it necessarily standing before a mirror as you do, but you both share a common thread. The thread of course is difficult to express because it is not a tangible manifestation, in the way that the mirror is. However, it has an electro-static charge that builds up with continued thought, like focussing a small lamp on an object, after a while, if the lamp is close enough, the object will begin to heat up. That probable mirror image self will more than likely have no conception of you as a separate entity with a history, and with a fully functioning world within which to live, even though you are part of its biological and psychic make-up. How we come to a notion of synthetic appreciation with regard to this other self in this hypothetical instance, is through an agreement of thought with plausible notion, that then provides the impetus and the focus necessary to bring about the changes required in the conscious overlaying of both probable events. There is an exchange of emotional energy that for a moment bridges the gap between realities. This of course is highly simplified, and only serves as a model to explain the very complex multilayered structure of consciousness, and the interchanges that are involved at even the smallest scale of the human genome. There is a constant give and take between probable versions of self-hood, although there are no separations, just seemingly different gestalts of consciousness operating at innumerable levels and frequencies.



2 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Messages – Connection

  1. when you say the loss of a safety net, I’m guessing you are referring to the trust you once had in that person? but when you truly forgive, the trust isn’t lessoned. not really, if you are truly forgiving. therefore there is no alienation, you continue on with that person, as if nothing really happened. of course, that is hypothetical, because I know no-one who forgives that deeply. even myself included, its hard to get past that reserve…even if it’s only a tiny bit.
    but the alienation I do feel is WHEN I look in a mirror. Sometimes it almost shocks me, because that face is not me…ya know what I mean? not the getting old part, but inside I’ve always felt like I didn’t age past, oh 30 or so. I’m not one to dawdle in front of a mirror, so when I do stop and look closely, it’s like looking at a stranger…I really don’t see myself that way at all, even though I have a lot of pain from age old crap, but still I feel so much younger inside, and when I converse with others I feel like they are seeing a younger me also….isn’t that strange? lol I’m strange, that explains that! hope you have a wonderful day Ishaiya.

    1. Hey Shards, how are you?
      Thank you for your excellent comments and for sharing your viewpoint, but to be honest I’m still thinking about this piece myself. You see these channelled pieces, are just that, I allow them to come out of me without any real conscious thought on my part. I just type what comes to me without asking too many questions, or altering it too much. I try to let the words speak for themselves if you get what I mean. Sometimes I’m channelling someone in particular, and it could just be a view of theirs that I’m sharing. Either way, these Daily Channel pieces are designed to make you think and ask yourself questions. The point is it is meant for whomever comes across it, in whatever way is personal to them. I’m just the messenger, don’t shoot me! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I get what you mean about not ageing beyond a certain age though, when I was a kid I couldn’t think beyond what it would be like 27, so when I hit 27 it was a kind of strange experience because I didn’t know what I supposed to be after that, funny really! Actually I didn’t realise I was an adult until about that age! ๐Ÿ˜€
      I have no real concept of my own age, I am just me no matter how I look physically.
      It’s early yet where I am, with the usual busy day ahead. I have another commission (a piece of jewellery this time) to complete, which is really nice to do, but in between all the other normal stuff! I think I must have been a juggler in a circus in a past life! lol
      You have a great day too Shards!

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