A Message From Q’andasar – June 17 2013

Your experience follows the expectation of your beliefs. You are what you think you are, and your life is what you expect it to be. Change your expectations and you change your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you change everything. Your life will always faithfully mirror your beliefs. Every time you change, or your life changes it is because you have changed what you expect to find. Nobody is themselves forever. With each new moment there is a new you, with new inner eyes to see new things. Take a good look at the mirror that is your life and … Continue reading A Message From Q’andasar – June 17 2013

How Thick is My Arm?

Originally posted on Diary of a Person Being Human:
I can handle sarcasm by the bucket load.  In fact I revel in the linguistic nuances that allows the english language to be as ambiguous as it is, you can be as clever and playful as you like without giving anything away. English is a very psychological language in that regard, in that it requires a lot of brain work and word wizardry to both decipher and to reach a mutually understandable consensus. Unlike German for example which is very grammatically specific in its construction (great for legal documents), leaving very… Continue reading How Thick is My Arm?

Snapshot Stories – The Incorrigible Mr. Andrews (Part Three)

Although this series of Snapshot stories is based on a real character, it is still a work of fiction and should be enjoyed as such. I enjoy writing them! — The connection is lost…beep…beep…beep, CLUNK! If I said everything I needed to say I might not need to say it ever again, and that to me would be a loss. I have gained over the weeks a sense of composure that I had before lacked. The artifice of my stereotypical ambivalence has caged me into retreat. I cannot think if I cannot speak, but I don’t want to speak if … Continue reading Snapshot Stories – The Incorrigible Mr. Andrews (Part Three)

My Philosophy

I am writing the following post as a collective response to a number of recent discussions with people who are as passionate about their beliefs as I. My philosophy is very simple: Whether you subscribe to an organised religion, or subscribe to the religion of scientific and standardised philosophical reasoning, you are placing the onus of responsibility on another and choosing to be subservient to that belief system. For as long as you hold the opinion of another above your own, whether it be that of a human or non, and be they long dead or alive, you are nevertheless … Continue reading My Philosophy

Intuitive Portraits – Weekly Challenge #3 – New York Police Officer

I’ve been busy for much of the past week working on two Intuitive/Spirit Portraits, one of which was a private commission. Although I will be posting it here at a later date. The second one I’m working on I shall … Continue reading Intuitive Portraits – Weekly Challenge #3 – New York Police Officer

Snapshot stories – The Ineffable Mr. Andrews (part two)

I see you here and I’m counting the minutes, tick-tock, tick-tock. I know I’ve got you in the palm of my hand as always, but I never know which way you’re going to go. I want to talk to you about stuff, but I never know how to approach you without making it sound like I’m chatting you up, or something. I’m a bit sheepish and dog-eared like that. I’m busy but I want to stop and chat, find out what you’ve been doing with your day. Married people do that, but we’re not married! I don’t even really know what you look … Continue reading Snapshot stories – The Ineffable Mr. Andrews (part two)