Daughter – Winter

This is an album I purchased recently, and what I was listening to when I channelled my latest Daily Channel piece ‘Human’. I love this track, it’s beautiful. I often listen to music when I write, particularly when I’m working on a channelled piece. It helps disengage my conscious brain and allows the creativity to flow from that deep place within me. Every time I listen to this album I will instantly remember what I felt when I wrote ‘Human’ forever more. Music is a very powerful tool for me, and is my time travel device. No matter how many years pass, all I have to do is listen to a particular track and I am immediately transported back to a time when the track was significant to me. I remember everything, all the emotions, sensations, surroundings, how it was to be that past me.


22 thoughts on “Daughter – Winter

    1. I came across it the other day when you posted another track on Ark’s blog. I’m a sucker for good music and this is a band I haven’t come across before. Yeah, it is very easy to listen to and great to zone out and write to 😉

      1. I like it very much. Great lyrics too. Piano and voice are my instruments. I spent years as a singer/song writer.
        Did you ever hear my one and only track that I’ve got on here?

      2. I’ve been trying to access the link, but it’s not responding at the minute. There is a link to it on the right widget bar if you click on one of my posts – it’s under My Music

      3. I couldn’t have made it more public if I tried, I think I even sent him the link, but I never got confirmation or a response that he had ever heard it. Besides it wouldn’t be the first song I’ve written for him, and the first one we used to play as part of our set. He’d just get big-headed about it!:) He knows how much I love him, he’s a good friend of both me and my partner.

      1. Some of the best songs are written about tragic things, believe me I know, I’ve more sad songs under my belt than I can shake a stick at – always the most popular.

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