Jamie Cullum – Pure Imagination – Well done Andy Murray!

Yes this is the song from the original Willie Wonker film with Gene Wilder.

I’m chuffed to pieces that Andy Murray has won Wimbledon this year against Novak Djokovic, after loosing last year to Roger Federer, but then beating him in the men’s singles 2012 Olympic tennis (I remember watching it on the edge of my seat, stunning match). This year Murray fought equally as hard against Djokovic, and proving his talent by becoming the first Brit since 1936 to win Wimbledon (worthy of a knighthood no doubt with all his recent successes!).

I was once engaged to a tennis player that trained with the likes of Tim Henman (name dropping here 😉 ), and to watch someone of professional standard play was amazing, something of great beauty. So I can appreciate how many years of training and sheer dedication these players put into being Wimbledon fit, it is truly phenomenal. God I love tennis, and so excited at Murray’s win! 😀


7 thoughts on “Jamie Cullum – Pure Imagination – Well done Andy Murray!

      1. Of course it’s hypocritical really isn’t it?
        We’re British when it suits us, and not when it doesn’t! 😉
        Like me, I have such mixed heritage that I can call on many different personas to justify a cause. Cosmopolitan mongrel! lol

      2. Which is why I try to avoid the whole National Thing these days.
        Years ago I got so stressed watching a World Cup game it made me physically ill. A last minute goal spared England an early exit.
        The name of David Platt will forever have a special place in my (former) sports mad head.
        How mental is that?

        That’s why, when I watch it’s just for the fun and may the best player team win. No more National Anthems and all the histrionics.

        No good for the blood pressure. 🙂

      3. As I say being of such mixed heritage and having had such a ‘diverse’ cultural upbringing I don’t particularly like nationalism. But I do enjoy tennis in particular, and I tend to place my support on favourite players rather than nationalities. Murray was such an underdog in many ways, and he is brilliant to watch because the boy near enough turns himself inside out to play at his best, unlike players like Federer to name but a few who make it look so easy and as though they are not even trying. I guess I champion the ones who know how to put on a good show, so to my mind the best man won yesterday. 🙂

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