Wax on, Wax off

Diary of a Person Being Human

Wax on, wax off;

Like a train-wreck waiting to happen.

All that latent animosity that is akin to sexual tension,

Why don’t you just get it on and have it out, off, done with, whatever!

My guile, your denial. My angst, your axe to grind.

What makes you so special anyway?

Who put you on a throne of metalised sentiment

Ready for the next sucker to come along and fill your over-worn shoes?

Did no one tell you the position wasn’t permanent?

Well I have news for you, you overrated pompous, languishing lizard

Anything I felt for you is now gone!

My respect for you has been rescinded, torn away by avaricious hands,

At the expense of my own emotional wallet; too late to disdain the concordance of an arbitrary contract.

Words are like sand in the wind; gritty and abrasive to the soul,

And worthy only of a barren…

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6 thoughts on “Wax on, Wax off

  1. Well it was very powerful, and if your feelings are that strong then perhaps my presents are no longer needed, no judgement. I’m not sure how I stepped into this so deeply, however I do see a pattern emerging that has nothing to do with you. It’s just a reminder of a corner I can sometimes paint myself into.
    In regards to whatever happened here, if for any reason I have caused you pain I am deeply sorry, and will remove myself from this communication at once.

    1. Well that was a bit left field my dear friend. It was powerful because like most of my poems they come directly from source, from spirit, deep within the recesses of my intuition. I was reacting to a surge of energy that I was picking up, and I had the urge to write. This poem is what came out. I always have certain people in mind when I write these pieces, even if it has no actual relation to them. They are intended for all who read them with no personal inference implied. This was not about you from my perspective, but it obviously has struck a chord with you. Just know that I meant nothing personal toward you. I still regard you as a good friend, and a highly gifted person.

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