A More User Friendly Ish (Audio File Available)


I’ve been inspired by fellow blogger and follower Steve over at iChristian to perhaps include an audio clip of my blog posts in the interests of those who need and prefer to use an audio reader, or for those of you who would rather listen to my dulcet tones rather than take the effort to read! 😉

I think it’s a great idea in keeping with the theme of the couple of short video-blogs I have posted recently, also because it makes my site generally much more user friendly. I shall endeavour to make an audio recording of my posts where possible, time permitting.

I shall indicate in the main post title if an audio file is available.

Thanks everyone!



4 thoughts on “A More User Friendly Ish (Audio File Available)

    1. lol 🙂 I’ll give it a go, see if I can actually work out how to upload my audio files from my little dictation device – not Mac compatible unfortunately as it only records MP3, but I’m sure there must be ‘an app for that’ as the saying goes!

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