Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

Wisteria at the Alhambra Palace

This week’s theme: Fresh. What does this word mean to me?

Fresh spring blossom, with fresh morning sunlight streaming through the branches of a very old and very large wisteria up in the  snow capped mountains of Granada. The warmth of the sun’s rays release the heady scent of the divinely coloured flowers, with droplets of early morning dew glistening like jewels on the silky soft petals.

The word fresh always makes me think of crisp mountain air, fresh flowing spring water and, fresh green spring shoots…

Granada, river

…and then there is the freshness of artistically inspired cheekiness…

Almeria Bird-man Graffiti

Fresh for me also implies the beginning of a new year of my life…
Time to go and enjoy my birthday 😉

Have a great weekend all!

Ishaiya x


37 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

  1. Happy Birthday Ish and may there be many, many more and may all your wishes come true. 😀
    Great entry for the challenge hon. Love it! 😀 *hugs*
    Now go and have fun! 😀

    1. Thank you Sophia! 🙂 That means a lot coming from such a lovely friend. Well one wish is on its way to becoming manifest, I have booked my holiday away in Venice for a week in August… ooh I can’t wait! 🙂

      Hugs back!

      1. You’re welcome hon and I am very glad to hear that. You must enjoy sweetness and I want to see lots of photo’s! 😀 *hugs*

      2. Oh yes, even more Venice photos to add to the ones I took last year (hundreds!). You can never have enough photos of Venice, there is just so much to see. Maybe more sound-bites and short video clips this time. 🙂

        Hugs back!

      3. Oh, absolutely! I want to see all of them! 😀
        For sure! I can’t wait. Go on holiday now! I want to see photo’s and see videos! hehehehe

      4. Hey you know if I could I would! But believe me the next three weeks are going to fly by and then I’ll be in a panic because I haven’t packed yet!!! I’m a last minute merchant when it comes to doing anything. Spend too much time thinking about something and my brain switches off! 🙂

      5. Whahahahaha! Oh, I am the same. I don’t know how people can pack before the time…that’s when you forget most of the things. LOL!

      6. No my thoughts exactly! I have to write a list before I travel anywhere because I know how shocking my memory is, I’m guaranteed to forget something otherwise! lol

      7. Oh damn….. I forgot to get on the plane! [don’t get me started, I always have dreams about missing my flight before I travel anywhere.. most annoying!] 🙂

      8. I’ll make sure I remember to get on the plane this time. Problem is, my dreams are so real that I get confused, and I always wake up after such a dream in a panic wondering if it actually happened. Luckily I used to work at Gatwick airport, so getting there on time for flights is deeply ingrained! Somewhere in my little head I still believe I might loose my job if I don’t get there three hours before!
        It takes everything in my power not to take over the announcements at the departure gate though and check everybody’s boarding passes! [the job never leaves you]

      9. Then be glad you don’t get premonitions that are so real that you don’t know if it’s a premo or not. 😆 With dreams you can just pinch yourself. I wonder if that will work? 😆

        Luckily for you yes. hahahaha, that must be really frustrating!

      10. Yeah I wouldn’t be so sure about that one… I do get premonitions all the time that are very real.. but I also know that nothing is carved in stone, so with a little bit of thought jiggling destinies can be changed 🙂
        I already see myself in Venice, so I can only assume that by hook or by crook I will manage to get there!

      11. Now that doesn’t sound like fun at all Ish. My grandmother told me that I used to see spirits as they died and that my grandfather ‘bound’ it so it wouldn’t drive me crazy. How much of it’s true I don’t know. I do have a certain sense for things and are empathic and don’t know if I would have been able to handle premo’s like that at all.

        I must agree however and also believe we can change what we want to change. 😀

        Good for you and I am sure you also will make sure you don’t miss that plane. I see you sleeping at the airport a day before the time. LOL!

      12. You know that’s not far off what is likely to happen as my flight is at 6am, and I’m a fair enough distance away from the airport. An overnighter methinks! Urgh! Oh well, familiar territory though – home from home!

        I think possibly my worst premo ever was 9/11. There are a few others too that are beginning to pan out years later. I’m always in contact with spirit types, hence the portraits I do. I seldom pass messages on unless I’m compelled to do so. I just take it as a learning experience for myself. From time to time I connect with a very strong energy and put in the research to check out who they are/were. It can be a little freaky when I get a direct hit, or as in some cases when my portraits match existing photos!
        I’m used to it though, I’ve got past believing I’m crazy LOL
        Doing what I seem to be able to do has taught me huge amounts about life and people. You can’t help but be accepting of life in general when your privy to such things. It’s certainly not for the feint of heart, and in that regard it probably will kill me some day! lol 😉

  2. Love your fresh post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  3. Hope you had a great birthday Ish. Also really enjoyed your photos here – especially the one with the flowers. I loved the subject and colors, it kind of hooked my mood I think. But the others were interesting texturally.

    Strong work.

    Glad I clicked in….

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