Recipe for Life – Have Your Cake and Eat It

Stop wishing for a better cake, when you baked the cake that you already have, and you know what ingredients you put in it. Enjoy your cake before the dog eats it, or worse, before I eat it because it looks mighty fine from here!

24 thoughts on “Recipe for Life – Have Your Cake and Eat It

  1. Well said Ish. Yes, we have to remember to be grateful for what we have already. The only cake Simba loves eating with me is the Caramel Apple cake and he will eat the whole cake if I give him half a chance. 😆

    1. Hi T, sorry I haven’t e-mailed you. Currently quite ill. It started with my son at the weekend vomiting everywhere, then my partner, and two other children, now me 😦
      I’m pleased you stopped by, your presence always makes me smile. I hope you are well 🙂

      1. Hi Ish,

        Oh noooooo. The whole house sick. Wow. Well I hope you all FEEL BETTER real soon. Don’t worry about the email, sometimes folks need a break from ‘doing things.’ To just relax, and do as little as possible. That probably helps in focusing the energies. 🙂 Now maybe my presence will translate into anti-bodies or something! 🙂 I’m good, Thanks. Talk soon.

        (Feel Better!)

      2. Well, you’re thoughts are having their affect it would seem,you wonderful healing lady. Still not out of the woods, but feeling a little better than I was earlier today. Unfortunately my youngest is suffering still 😦
        We will talk soon. Thanks T 🙂

        Hugs xo

      3. Good. Sending you more healing thoughts….to you and your youngest. 😦

        Yes, talk soon. Get lots of rest so your body can fight the war (against illness) too!!!!!

        Hugs xo

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