In memory of all the victims of the tragedy in Santiago de Compostela.

My heart goes out to all the victims and their families of the derailment in Santiago de Compostela in the last 24 hours. Santiago is a place I know very well and is close to my heart, also it cuts close to the bone as I’ve travelled on that same train myself. Part of my family hails from that part of Spain, so my concerns go out to family members that possibly may have been involved, I have yet to hear.

My thoughts and my utter admiration also go out to all the wonderful people, civilians and emergency services alike who within minutes of the accident were there to help with the rescue operation. Unbelievably 200 people had queued up outside the hospital to donate blood to the injured. Amazing show of solidarity. Truly humbling.

Mis condolencias a todas las víctimas de la tragedia hoy en Santiago de Compostela. Espero que mi familia y mis amigos estan sanos y salvos. Santiago de Compostela es como segunda casa para mi, y es donde haya mi alma. Una gran fuerza a todos, mis sentimientos y mi corazón estarán con vosotros para siempre.



9 thoughts on “In memory of all the victims of the tragedy in Santiago de Compostela.

    1. I know. Apparently that particular line is under constant criticism from other train conductors for being too fast and too dangerous because of the lack of signals, and the high speeds that they approach Santiago. I’m sure it isn’t clear cut at all, these things rarely are.

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